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Perception & Go-getters

If you are the go-getter type who wants to get somewhere; don’t focus as much on what you are doing, as on what ‘they’ think you’re doing. In Marketing, it’s called the ‘power of perception’. Plus most Managers aren’t smart enough or brave enough to figure ‘reality’. How do I know? ‘Cos I know Consumers, and they are the ones who double up as Managers.

Licious vs. Chef & Butcher vs. The Meat Guy vs. Roblox

Here's an anecdote that's telling of how buying plays out in an era of digitization. Last week I wake up to the TOI carrying a full front page advertisement on the Licious App. The App download promises me a 20 percent discount on my first buy of meat. Alphy is thinking Lamb Biryani for the day and so I think why not Licious for the lamb. I download the App and check prices. It seems on the higher side even with a 20 percent off.

I hold the buying on Licious to take a trip to the local meat guy. I find he's short on lamb meat and so I go back home. I then call up Chef & Butcher. They don't have an App but they deliver and their prices are lower than Licious with a 20 percent off. I order a kilo from C&B which comes home after a while at a price that includes the depressing cloth bag in which it is brought. I pay and decide the next time around I am going to walk up to Chef & Butcher to buy. The walk will do me good, and I don't have to pay for a depres…

How Pahlaj Nihalani did 'Udta Punjab' a favour

If Pahlaj Nihalani's intention was to keep Punjab's 'image' intact by clamping down on 'Udta Punjab', he's failed miserably. Plus he's achieved the opposite. Right about now I can bet all of India knows Punjab's got a 'drug problem'. Plus he's done Udta Punjab a yuuuge favor. He's got a fellow like me who thinks (unfairly, I admit) Bollywood dishes out the dumbest fare possible, interested in a B-town movie. Oh, that and the fact that he's ensured all of India possibly is clued in on the UdtaP release!

UdtaP should thank Pahlaj for the best publicity ever with a zero communication spend. Me even thinks Pahlaj and fellows like him do marketers a big favor by ensuring their brands reach a target audience via free publicity. In an era where marketer messages have been dwarfed by social noise, UdtaP's got a leg up, the best way possible. Of course there still remain the problems of 'cuts' and 'release date'.


Do TataCliq & ABOF stand a chance? Read this to know.

My guess is the guys at TataCliq and abof don't get it. Its simple why. 'Cos they don't know. That in the digital world, brands don't matter as much. Why? 'Cos buyers are turning rational in their decision making and responding less to 'emotional value' that flows from branding.


You bet! On a digital commerce platform, consumers have the luxury of arriving at what is called 'absolute value' The era of 'relative value' via limited access to information is dead thanks to the mountain of 'consumer driven' data available to buying decision-makers at their fingertips. The guys and TataCliq and abof are betting big on brands. Sorry guys, that era is over. Not that brands won't matter anymore, but that consumers are getting smarter thanks to 'near perfect' information they have access to. Any e-retailer building a business model around brands and parading the portfolio to attract consumers online will fold up if he/she …

Why the Economist's take on illegal immigration is daft

I am not surprised the Economist parades 'facts' to counter the anti-refugee sentiments prevailing among sections of the American public. Its important to note facts aka statistics spread falsehoods as much as they inform us of what is 'really' happening. So for example, statistically the probability that someone invades your home and causes you and your family harm if you leave your doors open at night may be minuscule based on historical data analysis. Is that then reason for you to leave your doors ajar at night? What if that minuscule statistic to the contrary becomes you?

Its easy to conclude that a minuscule percentage cause all harm in society. However, if you construe that as no requirements for precautions on your side, that ushers you into the hallways of rank idiocy, a known bastion of liberal thought. I am willing to concede illegal immigrants may still not be the big problem, but illegal immigration surely is! Why? 'Cos it breaks laws! A society that …

Why Stephen Hawking can't get the Donald Trump phenomenon

Its simple why Stephen can't get his head around the Donald. He's a physicist. He may understand the laws of the universe, but has no clue when it comes to laws of human behaviour. Plus the liberal he is, its understandable why he doesn't want to exercise his mind on anything that may not agree with what he's made up his mind on.

Its easy to understand Donald Trump's rise if you can open your mind to research that shows people identify with those that 'speak' and 'stand' for them. Its the way people associate with celebrities. Theory tells us celebrity appeal flows from the 'stars' being 'attractive', 'credible', or 'powerful'. Attractiveness leads to association, credibility prompts internalisation, and power ensures compliance.

In the case of the Donald, I bet all three are happening. His supporters identify with him 'cos he stands tall and courageous in the face of liberal onslaughts, see his message of the wa…