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Homosexuality & the Rights of Children

'Regarding the rights of children: they undoubtedly will be involved in the question at hand, given that the men and women with homosexual tendencies will no doubt seek to adopt children.
It seems to me that the right of the child to a father or mother is absolutely being ignored in our society. I submit that the greatest discrimination in our day and age is against the most vulnerable who have no say and are not able to argue for themselves for the need and importance of both father and mother. The need for two parents, one of each gender, is an unwritten need of the child, but one which in justice cannot be ignored. Our current trajectory to deny the child his right to a father and a mother from the moment of birth should come as no surprise. For more than 40 years, America has denied the child in the womb his right to protection against bodily harm (caused by abortion), owed to him as a scientifically verifiable member of the human species.  The same legal system that has condone…

Death to the Deviants

Source: HT

The Guts you get from Guns

'All the people in that Watertown neighborhood, hiding, doors locked. ... How many of them, do you think -- and worried that this guy might get into their home, maybe take them hostage -- how many of them, do you think, might like a gun? To be able to protect themselves and defend their homes.'
- Chris Wallace on Fox News (while the second Boston Bomber was still on the loose).

Liberal Jholawalahs are wrong! Death is a deterrent!

Mark my words.

Part of the danger we face as a society comes from liberal jholawalahs who advocate abolishing the death penalty. They lie when they say its been proved that death penalty is not a deterrent.

The truth is, it is!

As a li'l five year old battles for her life, victim to unspeakable bestiality, its important we put to death the perpetrator (once proven guilty after due judicial process)!

Remember, death is a deterrent!

Here's Jay Gaskill again, from his essay, 'Death, Deterrence and Reform'.

The deterrence effect of the death penalty for deliberate killings has been widely studied with allegedly “inconclusive” results. A number of experts and organizations still claim that the death penalty doesn't work. But no respected study actually rules out death penalty deterrence, and some experts have found strong indications of a deterrence effect.

On this topic, many of my good hearted humanitarian friends are deeply out of touch with the common wisdom. I have listen…

Queer is Cool, Fastrack's Cool

Expert opinions are in. Fastrack's closet campaign has been construed as challenging prevalent social mores. Some think that's a good idea, others think otherwise.

I think they've missed the wood for the trees.

Fastrack couldn't care less if people moved on, or didn't. What it cares for is sales. Sales happen when their target consumers buy. To get them to buy, Fastrack has to connect to their sensibilities via positioning. The brand's putting on the progressive front 'cos it knows its target consumers take to such 'progression'. LGBT is no big deal to Fastrack's target, the urban youth. My bet is, the latter even thinks Fastrack's cool for the LGBT-allied identity.

Queer is cool.

Fastrack's cool.

Plus don't forget the eyeballs and PR such an Ad can draw!

Why Apathy is Normal

If you think Kanhaiya Lal lost his wife and baby to apathy, think again. 
It wasn't apathy. It was what was expected. 
Any society that gives discrimination social sanction and institutionalizes it, is bound to ascribe zero value to human life. I must admit, there may be exceptions to such 'expected' behavior in such societies, but they are just that, exceptions!
For now, we must mourn the death of a mother and her baby. What we must mourn more is our collective lack of humanity! The surviving Kanhaiya and his son didn't stand a chance at getting help. When our time comes, we won't too.
Shame on us!


The Soul Problem

Deepak Chopra thinks India's facing a crisis of the soul. He bases this conclusion on Gallup data that shows 33% of Indian workers as being disengaged, and only 9% as actively engaged.

My bet is,the data's spot on. But I have to scratch my head when Deepak terms it an issue of the soul. Employee engagement is soul related?

What nonsense!

What India's needs is the exact opposite of soul. The fifty years post Independence had been about soul and spirituality, and look where it got us to! Scraping the bottom of the barrel.

If 9 out of 10 people in organisations aren't engaged, blame the firm's culture. I bet these are firms that don't care much for merit. I bet these are firms that reward apple polishers. How did these firms come to be that way? Its easy. Take a look at the country's culture. Institutions are an aggregation of people. People draw their personal sensibilities from their community and society. So when they get together as an enterprise, they dr…

Christ Alone

Regulations Kill!

Witnessing the Thane tragedy and its aftermath is heartbreaking. What's scary is the realization this is commonplace in India and could happen at any time, in any form to any one of us. Come to think of it we probably know this so well we've numbed to it.

What's also disturbing is how the story is being played out. The usual politician-bureaucrat-businessman nexus is facing flak from all quarters. After all the shouting's over, guess what will be recommended?

Stronger and greater regulations, so buildings don't collapse.

Pray, what will be the outcome to that? Buildings in India will continue with their descent to the ground, because the nexus will only get stronger (that's what happens when regulations are strengthened). Plus the stronger regulations will ensure the good guy trying to build something will go through hell and high water in getting whatever he's building, built!

Regulations by design penalize the good and foster the corrupt! Regulations har…

The Tyranny in Right to Education

The socilaist idiocy in the Right to Education Act is illustrated well by the power it gives government to shut down 'unrecognized' schools that do not comply with the Act's stipulations.


In any 'free' country unrecognized must become the norm, because recognition means subjugation. Subjugation to the collective's will, as represented by government. An act of trade where one sells and another buys if effected by the free will of both parties concerned requires no recognition by a third party.

Why should it?

If unrecognized schools sell their services and there are takers to such 'unrecognized' education, should anyone have a problem?

Recognition is regulation in disguise. The public's fooled into believing recognition/regulation will get them better products and services. The fifty years post Independence in India when regulation ruled, and products and services were the worst ever, has proven comprehensively it doesn't work. LPG …

The Kid & The Zombie Act

The buses that cart Bangalore's tech. workforce travelling cattle-class to their workplaces make for a depressing sight. Peer inside and the feeling gets worse. Its as if the clunkers on wheels are transporting the lifeless. I guess it must be the work that awaits these people. Service assembly lines, especially those to do with software can do the zombie-turning act real quick.

What saves the morning scene in Bangalore are school buses. Filled with chattering li'l kids, (those that have orderly ones have older kids who go to schools and log onto assembly lines ) these buses are a sight for sore eyes. The animated discussions, laughter, group choruses, are infectious. Pass by such school buses and your heart skips, your soul leaps within.

For the kids, its both the journey, and the anticipation of time together at school. For the zombies, 'together' is a mirage.

As consumers we've done both the kid and the zombie act. If its repetitive-inertia-driven consumption, …