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What Sunny’s should have done that Central Tiffin Room did.

These are two experiences I get to hear about, from a couple who went restaurant hopping. A week ago, they dropped in at the Central Tiffin Room for Benne Masala Dosa. The place is packed and so they wait. One of the staff at the restaurant walks up to assure them a table would go free in 5 minutes. Soon enough they are seated. The service is lightning quick and the benne masala dosa turns out to be heavenly. They also tell me the coffee was to die for. They leave elated at the food and dining experience they’ve had. Despite the place being jam-packed, the couple want go back as soon as they can.
A few days later they drop in at Sunny’s. The man at the counter who seems to be the owner is on the phone talking. He barely acknowledges them. Once he is done with his call, the couple asks for a table for two. The one shown isn’t to their liking and so they ask for another. None available, comes the reply. The couple decides to take a stroll down Lavelle Road to check out other restaurant…