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The 4 Marketing Communication lessons in Van Heusen Flex’s UFC showdown commercial

Sure, Van Heusen Flex has been around for a while now, but the use of UFC superstars, Stephen Thompson and TJ Dillashaw in a just released spot has hit the right notes in terms of novelty. Does the new communique work for the brand and the differential it’s trying to convey to its target group? I for one am convinced, and here are 4 reasons why.
It’s BELIEVABLE – The believability factor is the key to getting a differential to be accepted and internalized. Buyers must believe in the veracity of what is being conveyed. Who better to convey flex and what it can do than UFC superstars? If there are people who stretch, twist, and turn, it must be them, right?
It’s WATCHABLE – Never mind the differential, the first challenge marketing communicators face is to get buyers to pick their communique from among the clutter. Note, buyers are wired to block communiques. This one cuts through the clutter with the stars and the sequence it features. For its target audience, this one is a standout to…