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Now that Grandma likes him, here’s what brand Rahul Gandhi must do.

The latest on social media and other media platforms doing the rounds about Rahul Gandhi is a sweet li’l story; that of Grandma wanting to meet Rahul Gandhi on her 107th birthday. This was conveyed to the man himself via his twitter handle. Smartly, the response came real-time. Rahul Gandhi tweeted a personal birthday and Xmas message to Grandma. Plus a hug.
Now that’s a story that could light up a smile (even among citizen fence-sitters). Make no mistake, what brand Rahul has done with such genuine deft touches is upped the ‘likability’ quotient. Does that matter? You bet, it does! However, such likability isn’t enough as brand Rahul must now move into ‘credibility’ territory. The latter is the conversion zone, one that will matter at the ballot boxes. So here’s the social science behind what I am recommending. Social Psychology research has thrown light on the impact of what is termed ‘source attractiveness’ and ‘source credibility’. Remember, all political parties and their respe…

Why brands should worry about conspicuous consumption: The curious case of ‘W’.

I point out to the missus that Kurtas from Brand W are available on Flipkart at bargain prices. I tell her it’s probably the best (lowest) it can get for W’s prices. Missus isn’t impressed. I am surprised. After all, I’ve seen a few Ws in the wardrobe. So why isn’t she taking the bait? Turns out, the patterns on the Kurtas aren’t unique anymore, and it seems the teeming masses are all wearing the same styles from W making it even more commonplace. Now that’s a no-no to all those who don’t want their personal image to ‘drown’ amongst the crowds. To put it differently, if you are trying to stand out, and hoping your kurta brand (or any other piece of apparel you’ve draped yourself with) will enable you to do that, maybe W is not the one you should patronize. At least that seems to be the line, according to the missus.
Which brings me to my point for today; what should all the conspicuously consumed brands that you take to, do for you (if you wanted them to)? In Jungian language, that q…

What Licious got right that FreshMenu didn't.

There was a time I booted online meat seller Licious' App out of my phone. Here was why. A drop in the local butcher's quality of meat and the crowds at Chef & Butcher got Licious back on my phone. A bout of information processing about Licious' meat delivery service had me hesitating due to the higher prices charged. However I felt the meat was probably going to be good. So I gave Licious a chance. I was right, the meat was better than good! The meat selling App has since stayed on my phone, and the rate of transactions have picked up substantially.

In 'alternate response hierarchy' language, my getting to buying from Licious can be plotted as the sequence, 'Think-Feel-Do'.
The FreshMenu App has been on my mobile phone for long. The prospect of a changing menu, and dishes delivered fresh has been the reason why the App stayed. Lately I've been having some problems. What has gotten me to buy from FreshMenu has been their attractive promo-pricing. A…