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Egg Factory & the Factory Mindset.

We did our Sunday morning breakfast yesterday at Egg Factory. While we were there I stumbled on what I term the ‘Factory mindset’.
Other than dishes at the Egg Factory, everything else needs a fix. The table we were at was wobbly. We checked the one next to us to find that was wobbly too. The coffee I ordered came first in a puny glass filled to brim and lukewarm. No one checked if I wanted the coffee with my eggs. Plus I forgot to tell. The size of the coffee spoon was almost as big as the rim of the glass. I did the stirring gingerly. The ‘Kejriwal’ egg dish came in a side plate filled to the edges. How do you eat something off a plate if it’s the size of the plate? There was more.
All in all the place seemed like it had woken out of a stupor. No energy, no smiles. Everything looked wilted, and I know why.
It’s called the ‘Factory mindset’. The focus in places with such a mindset is to faithfully churn out the required output. Nothing more, nothing less. At the egg factory the foc…

Who is superior, Man or Woman? What about Marketers?

I am not about to rehash the jaded argument about how women have broken the ceiling in all arenas. Of course, they have.
I don’t believe in the nonsense of ‘equality’. Truth is, nothing is ever equal. A few things are superior and better, most are nowhere close. So have women attained equal status with men? I don’t know, and frankly I don’t care. ‘Cos in my book, the woman I know and have lived with for a decade and half is clearly superior! To me!
Before I tell you that, here’s my two cents on superior beings. Unlike what you’ve been told to believe, it isn’t about the fancy title at work or social status that dictate people’s place in society. That’s mere social varnish; stuff people adorn themselves with so they can pretend they are on the ‘top’. It is a pity that’s what they are telling women to go after. Rising to the ‘top’ of humankind isn’t about acquiring the blings and swags.  Instead it is about personal mastery. The superior being is one who has bravely unravelle…

'Trust' is where Technology scores over Humans.

As a boy running errands, I was always warned about being suckered. Especially while buying groceries. My mom would warn me about the shopkeeper who was prone to sneaking into the paper bag, a cracked egg or a rotten apple. She would tell me to be always on the lookout. Despite being on guard, I would at times get fooled with the odd rotten tomato or a cracked egg. As I grew older I realized the rip-off game wasn’t just about the little shopkeepers. The big fish did it too. I vividly remember the time my brother and I went to Cochin’s biggest automobile dealership to get the car we had booked and paid for. Guess what, the guys at the dealership tried to palm off a dented car by painting and glossing over a side panel on the automobile. Luckily we spotted it and so were ‘saved’.
Being careless and getting ripped-off is now a common phenomenon to me. Except when its machines I am dealing with. Here’s a recent experience. As Ola Autos are off the road due to a strike, the other day I ha…