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Though I close with hope, 2014 was the year evil triumphed

Despite all the mercies of our heavenly father and much to be thankful for, to countless people around the world 2014 has been the worst of years.

Make no mistake, 2014 was the year evil triumphed.

Maybe much of the misery came towards the latter part of the year, especially at the hands of ISIL and the Taliban in Pakistan, but that's no reason why the initial months were any better. The build up to evil happened early, aided by the inaction of a closet socialist race-baiting President in the White House. 2014 also had its share of disasters including plane crashes with zero survivors. Probably its  the recency effect, there aren't too many events to recall as happy ones.

At home in India, despite the promises with which our new Prime Minister took office, nothing seems to have changed. Worse still, dark clouds seem to be gathering on the horizon. More so since the fringe elements have taken over accompanied by a deafening silence from our government. I don't…

Why Sunetra's loss of independence has nothing to do with Uber

Sunetra Choudhury is mourning the loss of her independence in the aftermath of the Uber rape. I see it differently. It isn't her independence she's lost, its liberal naivete.

Liberals are why we have lawless states. Soft on crime, they stand up and scream hoarse that laws be watered down to protect the deviants. Sure, Uber messed up with the background check and GPS tracking, but if you think setting right either of the two or both is going to arrest crime in taxis, or cars, or anywhere else, you are living in la la land!

Put in whatever you want in taxis, there'll still be the odd deviant roaming the streets to perpetrate evil. To prevent crimes in taxis and elsewhere liberals must get off their naive moral horses and believe evil exists. They must know it lurks around every corner, and if you've made it without an incident around the corner ascribe that either to your heightened instincts (Read Gavin de Becker's 'Gift of Fear' to know more) or to pure lu…

Why Elisa Doucette's rewording of Elizabeth Lauten's apology fails

The problem with Elisa Doucette's 'rewording' of Elizabeth Lauten's apology is that its framed sans a consideration of how perceptions are formed when sensory organs encounter stimuli. Note, everything our senses take in (select, organize, and interpret) is game for perception formation. So for example, the stuff we see, hear, or read can prompt us to form perceptions. Like the way it happened with Elizabeth Lauten's FB post. What's important to note is, the same stimuli can have people forming different perceptions. Blame that on individual differences.

So when I read the Elizabeth's FB post, I wonder what the outrage is about? That's cyber-bullying? I squint hard and read again. Where's the bullying, I wonder? Not so to the hordes of Barack worshipers. They are outraged! Rightfully so. After all, its them forming perceptions, not me!

Okay, so what's this got to do with Elisa's rewording?

Simple. The words you speak don't really matter…