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The business & marketing dangers of the ‘Kick the Dog Effect’

We are discussing human behavior and Sejal tells me something that stops me in my tracks. She tells me the sour constant and angry complainers aren’t necessarily venting against those on the outside. They are in fact railing against the unhappiness they harbor deep within. Their anger is directed at themselves though on the surface it seems otherwise. I think about it and I recognize ‘projection’ at play and know it’s a common defense mechanism employed by many. It’s a coping tool that works best for those unwilling to face up to the bitter truth about themselves.
Trying to help isn’t a smart idea in such cases because getting to an admittance of the problem would probably be next to impossible. Dealing with unhappy people is bound to take a toll and if you are saddled with such people in your family or social life, the burden can get to you. What about at work? Ditto! Unhappy complainers and blamers suck the energy out of workplaces, and if they are in positions of leadership you can …