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Just Fishin'

I say, "Daddy loves you, baby" one more time
She says, "I know. I think I got a bite."
And all this laughin', cryin, smilin' dyin' here inside's
What I call, livin'

Happy B'day, Brooklyn. Appa loves you, darlin'. 

What the Michael Brown shooting is really about

The Michael Brown case is as much about a narrative being built and reinforced in the public space as it is about a shooting. A certain section of the black community in America, along with their race-hustler leaders, and amply aided by a race-hustling media build and reinforce the 'poor black victim' narrative by seizing at opportunities like this tragic one.

The reason why they do it is 'cos it suits them perfectly well. It ensures their 'victim identity' stays intact, which in turn brings with it social benefits. Such social handouts then ensure they can bypass the toils that come with 'earning wealth' through legitimate means. 'Big Mike' Brown (if the video indeed features him) wasn't spending his earned money to buy stuff at a store. He was robbing it!

Why rob? Ask the liberals and they will present 'victimization' as why young black males turn to usurping other people's hard earned wealth through the use of force (watch the vi…

The Giver & The Taker

If you look close enough at "The Giver," it's all there: helicopter parents; everyone gets a trophy; self-medicating away the anxieties of everyday life; how handing over your personal responsibilities to a nanny state is really the handing over of your personal liberty.

The movie asks…

Are Prozac and bike helmets and ObamaCare and play-dates really better than wrestling life to the ground, the wind in your hair, the pride that comes with the struggle of making your own way in the world, and growing up like The Little Rascals?

The movie understand that…

If you want to live in world where you can feel a child's laughter instead of just hear it, see the trees instead of just look at them, and know the inexpressible joy of being awaken up by a cold wet nose attached to a puppy, then you will live in a world with war, famine, disease and dog poop.

On the issue of abortion, "The Giver" doesn't fool around. Watching an otherwise decent man bloodlessly kill an unwa…

India, Land of the Free

On this day everything else dims out, at least for a while.
'Cos I am reminded I am free.
We are free.
The miracle we are is why we are free. We don't have despots ruling us. We don't entertain monarchs lording over us. We don't tolerate totalitarian governments deciding what's best for us. We don't allow religious diktats enforcing our ways of life. We don't stand aside to mobs talking down to us.

We live by the rule of law. One that we have decided for ourselves. One that guarantees liberty.
We owe it to those who fought for our freedom, and gave up their lives. Big time.
We are free.
God bless India.

Happy Independence Day!

Why teach?

I am so thankful for the young people I work with; they are the toughest audience. Teenagers don't try to be polite about giving you their attention when they're really bored. They don't hesitate to tell you that what you say makes no sense to them. They are keeping it real for me. And for that, I thank them, because they make me try harder and not be content to be stagnant and set in my ways. I will always be on the edge of new technology and slang. Some of the best books I ever read were dog-eared copies handed around among students and then passed to me. Students challenge my beliefs every day on things I thought I was sure of.

People see teachers as selfless, but I am drinking from the fountain of youth. How could I not love my profession?

- Greta DeAngelo, 'This is why I teach.'

The denial of evil & its consequences

I can only shake my head in despairing disbelief when I hear liberals oppose the Indian government's move to try juveniles as adults (note, no life imprisonment or death penalty will be awarded) if they commit heinous crimes. Part of the reason why liberals are appeasers is 'cos they don't believe in the existence of evil.

Its also why they oppose the death penalty. I wish liberals ask Fiyan Dakheel. She knows evil (video above). She's seen what evil does. To her family and her people. The world sees it too, yet does nothing.

Welcome to the postmodern world where appeasers rule and as a result evil flourishes.

The real tragedy in the UPSC/CSAT mess

Wanna know what the real tragedy in the UPSC/CSAT exam language mess is?

First, note what's hilarious.

When told a language change in the exam (as part of a TV debate) can aid aspirants in better understanding the questions being asked, a bureaucrat on the show takes the personalized attack route. He assigns to Yogendra Yadav political motivations, and protests that language changes down assessment rigor. So much for analytical skills of bureaucrats with educational pedigrees steeped in IITs and IIMs, and who have graduated the UPSC exam in flying colors! The bureaucrat then defends his ilk by proclaiming how they have aided ably in running our country for so long. On that he is right, ably running it to the ground is more like it really is!

Now I can't for the life of me understand what language changes have to do with rigor? If rigor's a problem when the exam language is changed, for god's sake get in better assessment methods, and assessors. Why throw stones at lan…

Man's inclination to evil

When I was a progressive who supported big government programs and a dovish foreign policy it was because I naively assumed that most human beings wanted the same things, were decent people at heart, and could be trusted not to deceive others. Multiculturalism taught that all cultures were equal and all religions expressed the same basic, universal moral values. Anytime someone did something wrong it was because they were ignorant or mentally unbalanced in a way that was distorting their perception of consensus reality. Sure, occasionally nature would make a mistake and burp out serial killers, child molesters, or Hitlers but in general such people were aberrations. Thus it was possible — and necessary — and moral to move forward with trying to reason our way to a perfect, peaceful world by convincing everyone else what was best for them to do.

But I don’t believe that at all anymore. Now I believe the exact opposite. The state of nature from which humanity escaped is chaos, cruelty, h…

De-colonize Indian Education? I say, De-culturalize & Marketize!

In the context of Dinanath Batraji's attempts at 'Indiansing' school curriculum, I've been listening to shows on the idiot box where experts like Pavan Varma (former diplomat turned writer) have called for 'decolonizing' Indian education.

I am curious. What exactly is decolonizing about? Doing away with modern flush toilets and getting squat-style back in vogue? Oh, I get it. In the context of school curriculum I guess that includes traipsing in Yoga and Sanskrit as courses of study. And suppose I want MY kids in school to study tap dancing and Aramaic instead? What are you going to do? Call me a culture-deserter and take away my right to decide what my children learn? Plus shove down what you think is de-colonized culturally-right curriculum down my kid's throats, though I think its absolutely irrelevant learning such stuff in a globalized world?

Hey, wait a minute. Isn't that what colonizing is about? Taking away my rights and replacing it with your …