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The business reason why 'News' is never 'News', but 'Propaganda'.

For any product or service to survive in a marketplace it must gather consumer patronage. No buyers means no survival. Now how does a brand become the choice of consumers? By turning itself into a proposition that finds value with them. Such value assessment made by consumers must turn into a trade where consumers part with their money for the brand.
The ‘business’ of news is similar to any other business. Don’t ever bother believing news is about ‘telling the truth’. It isn’t. Period.
‘Cos there’s pretty much no one out there in the ‘real world’ in search for the ‘truth’. What people aka citizens seek is their ‘version of the truth’. So they’ll end up listening to whoever piles them with their desired version. For news to ‘sell’ it has be dished out in a version sought by its target set of listeners. So for example, CNN dishes ‘news’ (read, propaganda) that satisfies its liberal followers. If CNN were to present the ‘objective truth’ (whatever that is), I’ll guarantee a loss …

What's common to an Indian School, #SanskariCensor, Valentine's Day, & Consumer Behavior?

Three separate incidents with tragic outcomes and one common thread that binds them together. First, the three incidents. At a Bangalore school, ‘errant’ nursery kids are punished through use of sexual shaming. The alleged shaming acts if true are shocking. On Valentine’s Day in Kerala, a young couple is at the receiving end of a moral brigade that harasses them and records the act, which soon goes viral on social media. Within days, the boy who was victimized commits suicide. A film titled ‘Lipstick under my Burkha’ is denied certification by the Indian Censor Board. Why? ‘Here’s what the Censor Board had to say about the movie (quote from the letter), “the story is lady oriented, their fantasy above life. There are contanious sexual scenes, abusive words, audio pornography and a bit sensitive touch about one particular section of society, hence film refused under guidelines."
Think about it.
Why does a teacher prompt the use of the words ‘shame, shame, puppy shame’? Why does t…

Donald Trump & The 5 Principles of 'Combative Communication'.

Sure you don’t like Trump (or maybe you do), but you must admit there is much to learn from what he does and how he goes about doing it. After all, didn’t he prove almost everyone wrong by trooping into the Whitehouse? Tell you what, there is enough you can learn from Donald in the arena of what I call ‘combative communication’. Make no mistake, it was such a form of communication that got Donald into the White House. Mark my words, this combat will continue. It is what will keep Donald in the news, and on the top of the publicity charts. So in all fairness, it’s worthwhile to watch and listen to the current POTUS and learn.
Here are 5 principles of ‘combative communication’ I’ve gleaned from Donald Trump’s electoral and other successes. So the next time you are in a business or a brand battle, knowing these principles of combative communication will stand you in good stead, and will probably be the reason why you, your brand, or your business will come out on top. Note the caveat. C…

The Art of Selling Cars.

Often times while driving my car, I am reminded of the human genius that has gone into making the machine that takes me from point A to point B.  I believe humankind owes much to Henry Ford for building the assembly line that ensured motor cars were within the reach of the masses. In 1908, when the Model T was first introduced, it was priced at $950. Over 19 years of its production the Model T price dropped, reaching a low of $280 in its final years. It has now been a century since that happened, but some things haven’t changed.
Like car manufacturers believing that cars are about moving people from point A to B and that a low price is what matters to consumers. Part of that is true, however that unfortunately is a primitive understanding of cars and consumers. Sure, cars take people places. Sure, consumers buy value-for-money cars so they can go places, but there’s more to that story that could be the difference between a successful car brand and one that finds no favour with buyers. …

Cars & Changing Lifestyles.

My comment in the Economic Times.