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In Murder We Trust

Why Ford Figo should be celebrating

JWT India has been penalized for the leaked (online) 'tasteless' adverts on Ford Figo?

I don't get it.

Ford should be thanking JWT. Their drowning Figo is now climbing the recall charts. What's more, we even know its got a spacious boot! Imagine that. In an era where brands earn zero recall despite millions of Ad dollars, Figo's inadvertently (who knows?) engineered learning and recall with a zero spend!

Oh, I get it. It was tasteless.


Why am I not surprised liberals have their priorities all messed up? In an era where the real gets swept under perceptual carpets, browbeating over the tasteless will surely take precedence over real violence against women.

Onward liberals, let the charades roll on!

Beyonce, oops..Mrs. Carter goes North, Perez Hilton South

Beyonce's gone rogue. Perez has mellowed.

The latter's real. The former, fake.

Beyonce's a smart cookie. But she must know cookies crumble. Beyonce's gone from empowering songs that appealed to young independent women, to meaningful ones that made sense to single women, to now a gritty-dirty one that's sends a 'kiss-my-a**' message to those that fault her.

Will the latest one hit home? It should, considering there are enough foul-mouthed degenerates around!

Beyonce's morphing songs and lyrics are part of her makeover. Images bore over time. Changing times call for changed tunes. Beyonce's doing the changing act to keep her appeal intact, especially since there are others (read, Rihanna) threatening to ride the change curve better and quicker.

Perez's is an opposite case (to Beyonce). His mellowing has everything to do with fatherhood. Perez's change is real, unlike Beyonce's. Will a mellowed Perez who's piped down on name calling ap…

Dettol's Antiseptic-Association Problem

Do I think it was brilliant on the part of Dettol Body Wash to run a scented print Ad. in the TOI?
You bet!
I can tell you, for me the stimuli selection that led to reading of the Ad content was via the scent. The visual content didn't catch my eye. In fact the scent is what got me to investigate, leading me the Ad. Now that's a lesson to other marketers who are failing to even get consumers to select stimuli!
But then, what about Dettol's extension into Body Washes? Smart move?
I am not sure.
I can see that Dettol Body Wash comes in different scents, but is that good enough to have consumers take to the product? You see, its a question of stimulus generalization and discrimination. Dettol without a doubt owns the antiseptic space, one that has paved way to a solid association-based identity. That which can't be claimed by any other brand, which ironically is why Dettol has a problem on its hands. The problem of the associative identity limiting extensions, especially…

India Inc.'s Wails vs. Citizen-Consumer's

Sure, India Inc. is justified in bemoaning the slow pace of reforms. But that's telling only half the story. What about the citizen? Shouldn't the citizen-consumer's cries be heard? 

As much as we need investments, we need consumption too. Investments bring in jobs. Jobs turn people into earners. Earnings when spent turn citizens into consumers. Such consumption is equally important for growth!

To aid investment and spur consumption, the answer doesn't come with government. The solution instead lies in minimal government. India Inc. should be calling for 'less' government, and not 'better' government. The concept of 'better' government is a non-existent one. When one isn't accountable for the money one spends, one spends it sans responsibility. That's what governments do. Spend other people's money with abandon and zero accountability.

If I am given a choice, I'd say the citizen-consumer's wails are far more justified than …

Nailpainted Freakshow

So now they have nail-paint for men. Way to go, Alphanail. Bloody good idea, I must say! The toughie backdrop to the emergence of nail-paint for men only makes its buy-in 'easier', doesn't it?

This isn't girly stuff, its for MEN strutting around as DUDES!

Love the marketing copy on your site, Alphanail; it goes, 'What do Roger Huerta, Chuck Liddell, Chris Leben and Dave Navarro have in common? They are all alpha males and they all adorn their nails with war paint. Why? Why not! For the fighter or the guitar picker, any normal nail polish will add natural strength to the nail and prevent chipping and cracking. But it is more than that. It is a statement... a proclamation of the inner attitude of the alpha. It is about having the confidence that says ‘I am my own man, and will decide the rules for how I live my life according to how I see fit.'

Hey dudes, the freakshow only gets better!

What free McMuffins can't do for McDonald's

This is McDonald's India MD Vikram Bakshi's take on why McDonald'sgave away free McMuffins on National Breakfast Day, "Through this campaign, we want to position McDonald's as a place where you can go at any time, right from the morning when you have your breakfast to late in the evening when you are coming from a movie, and have a quick bite and leave. The idea is to create awareness that we are available right from 8 in the morning to 1 am in the morning. We want to tell our customers that McDonald's is available and it is like a convenience store for you. We are penetrating the large metros and then moving to smaller markets."

Well Vikram, what can I say other than that the damn free McMuffin won't make a whit of a difference to me and my family considering what we endured at McDonald's last Sunday when we dropped in for breakfast.

Here's the list. Read carefully Vikram, so you don't waste money on hare-brained promo-schemes in the future…

In India, HONK to stay alive!

There they go again!

The latest 'I Won't Honk Campaign' supported by Rahul Dravid is emblematic of the idiocy that parades as solutions to problems in our country. Though the intention behind the campaign may be to bring down decibel levels in Bangalore, the solution being touted is as dangerous as it is idiotic.

To understand why, let us see why people don't honk in countries in the West. Drive on roads there and you'll see they have lanes. They have pedestrian controlled crossings. They have exits that allow drivers to switch roads. They have cops who pull drivers up for speeding. They have drivers on roads who've gotten licenses after rigorous evaluations.

In India and in Bangalore we have none of those. Here roads have no lanes, and even if they do, who's given to lane driving? Pedestrians cross roads where they please. Drivers switch roads based on their conveniences, rules be damned. Speeding's the pet hobby of bus drivers. The blind can get lice…

Chavez is dead! Time to bury Socialism!

Never mind America taking the socialistic road to hell with Obama, in Chavez's passing Venezuela has a chance to break away. Whether Venezuelans will take the chance they have remains to be seen.

My bet is, they won't.


Socialism works and entrenches itself in moocher filled nations. To know know why socialist nations can't beat their dependency driven habits, you have to first know how socialism gets ensconced.

In a nutshell this is how socialism happens, as engineered by the likes of Chavez.

One, disarm the population. This renders them helpless and at the mercy of government. Two, seize control over factors of production. This ensures anyone bent on creating value in the economy has to prostrate to government to get sanction to the act. Three, let time pass and ensure cronies breed and manage industrial production. Four, limit production and ensure artificial scarcity, effectively transforming the populace into moochers begging for products and services. Four, unde…