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What’s common to Halloween and Spirituality?

A post on FB bemoaning the advent of celebrations like Halloween prompted this post. The writer of the FB post was expressing his disapproval of corporations dictating our celebratory consumption behaviour, by labelling it as our ‘falling’ for acts of ‘commercialisation’.
I am bemused.
The fact that the writer was posting content on a social networking platform created by the big bad corporation is, I guess, totally lost on him. After all, what is FB other than crass commercialisation of the act of socialising? Now, for a moment don’t think I am trying to put down pursuits and outcomes of commercial value creation that include both FB and Halloween. On the contrary I am the kind that celebrates commercialisation. I am among those who believe commercialisation is in fact VALUE CREATION! FOR CONSUMERS! Every time someone (including big bad corporations who are fooling us naive consumers) creates products or services for consumption, what he/she does is turn input material into finished g…