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Why Jaden obeyed & Why we buy

The other day Jaden had the misfortune of dropping my Italian ‘designer’ watch to the floor. The drop cracked the glass and dislodged the instruments inside. Truth is, it wasn’t his fault. I shouldn’t have left the watch on our bookcase ledge. The mishap with the designer watch left Jaden in tears. When I told him that he needed to take some time off in his room he meekly agreed, eyes brimming. It was a Sunday afternoon. It was his usual playtime with friends. In normal circumstances he should have protested being sent to his room. He didn’t.

The state of guilt Jaden found himself in caused him to step away from his routine responses to parental diktats. Getting him to take an afternoon nap in normal times is next to impossible. On this Sunday afternoon he was more than willing. Ascribe that to his altered state of mind; that of grief.

To exact desired behavior, it’s important we alter a person’s state of mind. Push his/her state of being into emotional territories, and you’ll have the…