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Why the Lungi dance should be tolerated

When we heard Brooklyn was being moved from the 'dinosaur dance' to 'lungi dance' at her schools' annual stage-show, we weren't pleased. Our li'l darling doing a lungi-routine? Eventually we had to give in because her teacher told us she was doing lungi moves the best. Curious about the lungi dance, I checked YouTube and found it had notched more than a few million hits. I am not surprised. Nonsense is after all invaluable on the web. Plus it was no wonder the school wanted such asinine stuff as part of their stage routine.

Soon the day arrived and we had li'l Brookie on the stage doing her moves. Then the unthinkable happened. The 'lady of the ceremony' invited parents to join their kids on stage to do the dance with them. What followed was a frenzied mob of roly-poly aunties and pot-bellied uncles storming the stage to join in the frenzy of lungi-gyrations. Poor Brooklyn, pint sized she got dwarfed by the unruly aunties and uncles who seemed…

Careerzillas vs. Bridezillas

So my question is: why are we talking about parties as if they’re the single most important way to validate one’s life decisions? Why are we talking about bridal showers as if they’re dangerous to our culture because they celebrate marriage, when maybe the more potentially harmful part is that they’re parties? A party is a great way to share the warmth and joy of an important occasion with special people. But more and more, all we hear about is Bridezillas who turn such occasions into a nonstop orgy of attention-seeking. How would throwing a similarly narcissistic party for a career achievement make it all better?

Will creating a new generation of Careerzillas to replace Bridezillas really help women?

What if the thing that really is imperiling the confidence, wisdom, and achievements of a generation of women is the idea that everyone you know should drop everything to throw you an extravagant party? And that if you didn’t get a party for it, your accomplishment didn’t really “count”? T…

Rahul Gandhi

'The opinion maker says that Rahul overemphasizes the system he wants to change without actually changing anything. Are we not fed up of the current system of politics in our great nation? Are we not always reminded and then divided based on our religion, caste and place of origin? Rahul knows this more than anybody. 
The Congress party was full of many bigots who wanted old rules to continue. When he talks about changing the system, he's talking about bringing common sense Indian values in politics. Values that bind us together -- our liking for each other, irrespective of caste and religion, our bonds of common goals in life -- of having a job or means of livelihood, of safe streets and of a near-zero corrupt functional government departments. To restore these values in politics, he's embarked on a change, first within his party and then perhaps in the government. 
The opinion maker says Rahul is an escapist: Escape for what? How's he responsible for the 1984 riots? Ca…

Self-Worth & the Tragedy of Karl Slym & Phillip Seymour Hoffman

Another one bites the dust. Needlessly.

It seems like Phillip Seymour Hoffman followed in the footsteps of Karl Slym. Even though their deaths differ in their manner, what's common is the loss of two men of immense talent. Both were responding to grief caused by broken relationships.

Karl Slym was passionate about the motor car business, and probably was on the verge of turning Tata Motors around. Phillip S Hoffman gave us films with acting exhibitions that were beyond brilliant. His acts were near genius.

What an immense loss of talent!

Whatever the reasons for their deaths, what's underlying, and that drives the most talented of people to waste away comes from a misplaced sense of worth that abounds from pursuits, personal and professional, that are at their core simply futile and empty.

To live, you have to value life. To value life you have to believe in more than the value that comes out of either mortal relationships, or even something that on surface seems productive, …