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Nestle' and the story of a ‘satisfied’ loyal.

The dairy whitener I use has always been, and is from Nestle'. So my morning coffee cuppa gets made with a Nestlé product (Everydaydairy whitener), and it seems like I’ve been sticking with the brand forever. My ‘forever’ patronage is why you can call me a ‘brand loyal’ buyer. Research shows that brand loyalists are either ‘satisfied loyal’ or ‘committed loyal’. One of the factors that differentiate the two is the level of ‘emotional connection’. The former share a ‘light’ emotional connection with their brands, whereas the latter are heavily emotionally invested. In this post I want to focus on 'satisfied loyal', because I am one. The brand and product in question is Nestlé’s Everyday dairy whitener. The critical variable that drives my loyalty is ‘dependability’. Meaning, I can depend on Nestlé’s dairy whitener to do its job day after day. The white stuff mixes like charm with boiling water and coffee. Great taste and zero lumps. Competing brands can’t do that. Nope, they …

The 3 compelling reasons why Flipkart's push notification got a click-through.

Dinesh Karthik & the ‘Memorable’ Lesson on Entrenching a Brand in Consumer Minds

Tell you what; I am happy for Dinesh Karthik. Though my interest in cricket has hit rock bottom, I still catch up on the scores when I feel like it. From all my years of following cricket, I for one can’t remember anything Dinesh has done on the pitch that’s caught my eye, and one that I can remember him for. Now that’s changed. By ensuring that last ball cleared the boundary cleanly and won India the final game, Dinesh has essayed what I term the ‘memorable’.
The word memorable comes from the Latin term ‘memorabilis’ which means to ‘bring to mind’. With that match winning six runs, Dinesh Karthik has stepped into memorable territory for countless Indians including me. Over time when Indians remember match winning knocks from the past, Dinesh Karthik’s efforts will be among the lot. Just like when Indians try and shake off memories of their country losing at the game of cricket, they won’t ever get Chetan Sharma off their mind. Both Dinesh and Chetan via their winning and losing fea…

Making Sense & Marketing Sense of Doggy, Human, and Brand Love.

Considering I've been there myself, I get the doggy-love thing. Sure its Oxytocin flooding the brain that gets the love going, but there's more to the love humans share with dogs. Doggy love is 'easy' you see. The creature in question is wired to give you what you need and ask for less in return. Doggy love is probably as unconditional as love can get. For humans there's so much to get from doggy love, and there's no compulsion to give. There's no playing games, there's no having to worry about heartaches. Dogs love despite what humans are! It also helps that dogs don't do the jealousy thing as badly as humans do, and will have their masters' back anytime, every time! In fact, dogs may even love people more than their canine brethren.

Step into human love territory and the scene changes dramatically. When it comes to loving people, there's quite some 'labor' to be put in. Reciprocity to such loving effort can't be guaranteed. Be…

Hey Byju's, thank you but no thank you!

So the people at Byju's have sent us a mail telling us of Jaden's score in some test they conducted at his school. Now they are saying we (Alphy and me) have a free consultation opportunity based on the test scores. The lure is a promise of Jaden excelling at school work. They are even throwing in the customary Indian bait of an IITian mentor (what could be worse, eh? ) to do the guiding.

So why are we not biting Byju's bait like probably scores of Indian parents?

One, we know the research on what makes kids excel. Here it is. The key is to get parental aspirations in line with realistic expectations. In other words don't set the bar too high or too low. Two, we are mostly insulated from the desire to display our kids' success as an outcome of our super parenting skills. Sure, we are delighted when they do well, but that's no reason to go tom-toming about it. Plus what if they fail? Should we curl ourselves up into a corner? Three, we believe its a tad bit ear…