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Real Men

'However, real men understand that their responsibilities don’t end with mere skills. Men have duties that go far beyond that.
Men have an obligation to treat women with respect, to open doors, to pull out chairs, to pay for dinner on a date, to act in a chivalrous manner — and a real man wouldn’t physically hurt a woman if you put a gun to his head. In other words, a man should show a woman the same respect that he would want another man to show to his sister or mother.
That goes double for a man’s wife and family. Every man has an obligation to protect and provide for his family. A man with a sense of honor doesn’t abandon his children or put his own wants ahead of his family’s needs. Moreover, the sort of man you’d want your son to grow up and be, is not only capable of taking care of himself, he will find a way to make sure his family is taken care of as well. For a man like that, having to see his own family take government assistance or charity is a rebuke that cuts him to the…

Illegal Everything

Noise over Peace, Family over Yours Truly

When Alphy and the kids left for Bangkok on a holiday, I looked to the peace and quiet at home as a welcome break. Turned out things didn't exactly go the way I expected.

A day into the break and things went from calm to eerily quiet. By the second day I wanted them back so things could go back to noisy. Come to think of it, there were two things I was missing. The noise and the warmth. The 'noise' was something I was habituated to. The warmth is something I look forward to.

Consumers who buy the same brand out of habit do so based either on inertia or loyalty. Inertia is similar to the 'noise story'. Consumers don't want to take the time out to sift through different brands on offer and so settle for the one they are habituated to. But when consumers buy out of loyalty, its similar to the warmth I look forward to. Consumers are buying the same brand over and over because they've connected to it at a psychological level. Their continued patronage is based …

Strategy is Segmenting, Targeting, Positioning

The cardinal rule to getting marketing strategy right can be summed in a single sentence. Segment, target, and position right!

Get those three right, and you get marketing strategy, which is about getting consumers to buy whatever it is you're selling, right.

With Paul Ryan as the VP pick, Romney's got his strategy dead right. Ryan's the right pick because he connects with conservative voters. Andrea Mitchell may think this isn't a pick for suburban moms. Damn right! Strategy requires that you get your target segment right, and conservatives are the ones on the radar, not suburban moms. And guess what, moms are gonna come around, sooner if not later.

Romney-Ryan pose the best bet for Republicans. If they can't, I guess no one can. Here's hoping they can. Else for America, the socialist nightmare will continue!

Me Without You

Who deserves taxpayer money?

'Like any other human activity, sports too should be seen in the right perspective: how it helps the community at large in becoming better. If sports do not serve a social purpose, it’s a useless exercise that helps only those who play or sponsor it or earrn their bread and butter through it. If a boxer or shooter wins a medal, gets bags of cash from the state and puts it all into his house and cars and private academies and personal indulgences, it’s like throwing people’s hard-earned money into the gutters. Why should the tax-payers’ money be given to an individual? Just because he brings some 15-seconds of national glory – the glory that is not enough to provide us anything that really matters.' 

Really Shoban, that's the best you can come up with

The right perspective to sports is helping the community at large in becoming better? 

Ha ha ha!

Pity you have zero understanding of human behavior! Pity you have no idea that selfish self pursuit does more for any community tha…

The Problem of Porn

'The problem of porn isn’t necessarily that it shows naked people and sex acts; it’s that it depicts the pimp-and-prostitute model of exploitative sex as normal. And in enjoying a porn film a man usually doesn’t think about how that 18-year-old woman got there and what kind of circumstances would lead her to choose that life. (Go out with a few girls who act like porn stars on the first date and you’ll find out soon enough what painful early life experiences often fuel promiscuity.)

When you realize that most of the women in most porn films got there because some man started abusing her from a young age, then it’s much more difficult to get aroused. And when the porn is filmed somewhere overseas and the woman has a strange accent and a sad, tired look on her face, then the reality sinks in that most of the world’s prostitutes aren’t like the ones on HBO’s Cat House and would probably rather be doing something else.

That implication has big consequences as we move further into the Br…

We aren't who we say we are

It was only a matter of time. Abortionist Ron Virmani had to someday blurt out what he really thought about black babies. The disgusting racist opinion Ron's expressed in anger reveals the real Ron. The 'I care about taxpayer money' Ron is his pathetic fake front (for the liberal mob).

When it comes to engineering perceptions, liberals are the ones who've gotten away with it. Everything they publicly stand for, and are glorified for, aren't who they really are. Take global warming prophet Al Gore for example. The 'warming' nonsense Al spews goes a long way in putting together a caring image. But the real Al is a hypocrite

Note, 'Graciously, Gore tells consumers how to change their lives to curb their carbon-gobbling ways: Switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs, use a clothesline, drive a hybrid, use renewable energy, dramatically cut back on consumption. Better still, responsible global citizens can follow Gore's example, because, as he readily …

Socialists are thieves!

That France plans to impose a 75% tax on the rich shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. After all what else can you expect from liberal socialist hand-out demanding French? Remember the French revolution? A bloody affair that legitimized terror in the pursuit of what was deemed a republic of virtue! One that ensured thievery would be garbed under what was proclaimed an act for social good!

France is going back to such thievery (read, 75% tax). Only difference is, this time around the thieves sit in government, so the act is legitimized even more.

What a shame.

Where free markets reign, no one gets rich through thieving. The only way people rake in the moolah in such markets is by either participating in, or owning the act that creates value for consumers. To put it plainly, the only way to stack up legitimate wealth is by making and selling products and services that consumers buy.

In free markets, consumers are who make people rich!

Sam Walton didn't get rich by going fly-…

What we must abandon so we can be FREE

Beating up party revelers comes easy to many, especially when they form part of what in India is called the moral brigade. Now it may be easy for us to look down on the low-lifes that make up the moral brigade, but the truth is, we too may be be guilty of playing into an imposition of such morality, albeit in a manner that is subtle. Our impositions may not pan out the way the moral brigade does it, but disapproval to say women drinking surely does rear its head in our heads.

To understand why this happens you must look at 'cultural impositions' in India. As a nation, India is 'collectivistic' in its orientation. Which automatically means the practice of morality turns collectivist too. Morality thus turns the hand maiden of any community in 'command', to be enforced by force. The collectivistic backdrop ensures zero consideration of what I believe must be the only consideration of any civilised society, that of individual liberty. When individual liberty trump…