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Can Data Analytics help in Parenting?

I've wondered if 'analytics' is such a big deal in business, shouldn't it work for parenting too? I mean if copious amounts of data is generated in business, as a father I can tell you there's enough to go around at my home too. I mean, my kids are always saying stuff, doing stuff, asking for stuff and so on. All I have to do to better parenting is capture and analyse my kids' articulated/exhibited behavioral content, arrive at interpretations and let it guide my decision making as a father. Sounds simple, right?


Its isn't what my kids say and do that stumps me. In fact that's the easy data capture and analysis part. Its what they don't that confounds me. Its when Jaden slips into a non-communicative zone, that I flounder. I can't for the life of me figure what's in his head. Is he upset, melancholic, even angry perhaps? Truth is, I don't know. Plus he won't tell. For data analytics to work, there has to be data. Just as it i…