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The Zomato nightmare, spurious loyalty, and the limitation of data.

The Zomato no cooking January has turned out to be both an opportunity and a nightmare for me. The opportunity to save a few bucks is always good, never mind the increase in consumption of ordered food. Pray what’s the nightmare? The damn Zomato App gets my delivery location on the map consistently wrong. This then requires me every time I place an order to call the delivery person so we can give out the right location. Plus almost every time I do this I also have to WhatsApp the right location to the delivery person. Do this one too many times, and you’ll know what an actual nightmare is!

Now here’s what’s to learn from the Zomato experience. One, my multiple orders this month shouldn’t be seen as any exhibition of loyalty to Zomato. In fact the order frequency and the number of orders say nothing about my loyalty. Once the month ends, I will shop for the best deals from all the ordering Apps on my phone. Now this is a classic exhibition of what is termed as spurious loyalty. Here a…