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All marketers are liars

The slimy MSNBC had to do it. They had to doctor a tape to present the real gentleman (he actually did what gentlemen do, prompting the crowd to chant 'Romney-Ryan' and not just 'Romney') Mitt as a weasel begging a crowd to chant his name.

Of course, MSNBC won't mend their ways. I bet they'll continue on the slime road.

It isn't just media that suffers from a trust deficit. Most often marketers too are taken as liars. Marketing is often equated by the average consumer to lying.


It seems in the world we live in, being genuine and nice can only get you so far. Over and beyond belongs to the slime patrol. When it comes to pinning responsibility, if consumers buy into make-believe nonsense from marketers, its their fault. Just like if Americans want to buy into a community organizer who survives on rhetoric, they deserve the bankruptcy that'll surely follow.

I just hope it'll be different this time around. I hope the genuine, nice guy who makes s…

More than I can say

To swoon or not to

My prediction on the Presidential debates? We (read, the sensible ones) will see the unraveling of Barack. Meaning we'll witness Barack for who he really is. A community organizer who has zero knowledge or ideas about business, and logically so since he's spent all his time 'organizing'. The debates will also show why the rest of world doesn't yet know what Barack's grades were in college.

Tell you what, unlike Fareed Zakaria who thinks Barack's cerebral, I think the opposite and I will be proven right at the debates.

But hold on, Barack will score too!

With liberal dimwits. No matter what, they'll see Barack as 'cerebral' at the debates. Remember Fareed and his swooning? We'll see a lot of that happening with the dimwits at the debates.

Its like what happens at the consumption scene too. I see Apple, and I buy Samsung. The cult sees Apple and swoons!


Dumb People, Smart People

'The notion that big government helps the poor is a false one. Some government programs may help some poor people in the moment, but the long-term effect of such programs is well proven to be disastrous. Look at Detroit, New Orleans, and Chicago — all Democrat strongholds since forever. Why do you think blacks are moving out of thenorthern cities and back to the south? Under Obama, the poverty rate has swollen, real unemployment (including those people who have despaired of finding work) has skyrocketed, and government dependency has increased a stunning 23 percent. All these numbers are worse for black people. Conversely, the supposedly greedy and racist policies of Ronald Reagan brought poverty down every year for the last five years of his presidency and improved the economic lives of blacks more than any other group. Dumb people vote for what looks good. Smart people vote for policies that work. Assuming Jews truly care about helping minorities and underdogs, Jews who vote for O…

Why Gangnam Style's gone Global

What makes Gangnam Style the 'original' is its pace and width of adoption. Gangnam Style has clocked a blistering pace around the world. From Peru to New York to Indonesia to Australia, GS has truly gone global. Unlike Kolaveri Di in India, GS is here to stay a tad longer. Kolaveri may have required Dhanush to go around promoting it, but for Gangnam, its the flash mobs that take it to common folk.

What got GS going is its content that has universal appeal. Unlike Kolaveri, Gangnam Style is a feast for all senses. The video content's got everything in it to suck in eyeballs, the music is downright catchy, and the dance style though funnily simple, is arresting enough to make everyone want to move a leg and a hand!

Gangnam now has been featured on TV shows around the world. Its moved over from TV studios to stadiums, malls, streets, and university campuses.

GS is a viral marketing superstar marching on the strength of viewer promotion, and publicity.

Way to go, GS!

Only Liberty needs Protection!

Its only natural all those in favor of FDI In India write about how incoming FDI won't do much to wipe out indigenous kiranas. Personally, I don't give damn. The kiranas can stay or shut, I don't care either way. The farmers may benefit or their lot may remain the same post FDI, again, I don't care!


Because protectionism is immoral. It doesn't matter who the recipient is, protectionism rewards one party at the cost of another. In protecting the kirana through denying entry to competition from the outside (read, MNCs), you limit consumer choice. Such limiting benefits the kirana, not the consumer. By the protectionism logic, isn't the consumer as valuable as the kirana, and therefore a worthy recipient of protection?

No parties in any society should be accorded protection. That means, the farmer mustn't be protected. Nor the middleman, or the kirana. Or even the consumer. The same goes for yours truly. I shouldn't be protected! For a moment, assume…

House for Sale

Getting married the right way

'Then I realized something. Our wedding was truly a once in a lifetime event. It was a God’s-honest celebration of two completely separate lives now becoming one. Physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually, everything that made us who we were individually was becoming what bonded us together. Our family traveled from far and wide to celebrate the decision of two young people to truly commit themselves to each other, and selflessly give themselves to one another in a way that they never had before that very night.
The people next to us that morning? Well, theirs was just one big party.  And the morning after? Just another hangover.
Our “weddings” were the same event in name only. They know it, and we know it.
Do yours the right way.  If you’re young and wondering whether you should wait, whether you should just give in, become a live-in harlot/mimbo and do it the world’s way.  If you’re wondering whether all of the mocking, the ridicule, the incredible difficulty of saving y…

Economic Sense rears its head in India

Thank God for Dr. Manmohan Singh, our honorable Prime Minister. On a bleak landscape that is Indian politics, Dr. Singh stands as a beacon of hope.

Dr. Singh's character is impeccable, a rarity in Indian politics. So are his educational and economic competency credentials which put him amongst the very few on the political scene with economic sense. Agreed, Dr. Singh's toed the socialist line in the past, but as a nation we need to desperately cling to little mercies that at times appear in the form of our honorable Prime Minister and his cabinet decisons!

As for the Trinamool Congress and their ministerial resignations, I must say its good riddance to bad rubbish. The Trinamool Congress can go back and continue bankrupting Bengal.

FDI in retail for one is a must for India. The beneficiaries for sure will include producers and consumers. Sure, the socialist idiots and jhollawallahs will always be around to ensure penury reigns, but that's no reason why sense mustn't c…

The 'real' iPhone 5 story

Sure, the video above is funny enough to elicit guffaws, but what it reveals goes beyond what's obvious, that consumers can't tell the iPhone 4S from 5. The video above is 'real' testimony to the power of perceptual differentials over real ones.

Let me explain.

The rule of Just Noticeable Difference in eliciting stimuli selection says that subsequent stimuli must cross what is a differential threshold to produce any noticebale variation in the sensory experience. Its also possible that any stimuli that falls below the threshold is bound to be ignored (read, not selected) by consumers. This means there's zero chance for such stimuli to craft differential perceptions. Sure, the iPhone 5 on 'real terms' may be different from the previous one, but that won't matter one bit to consumers. Consumers in their heads are so psychologically cued in to the brand that their minds will willingly engineer 'perceptual differentials' though there aren't any…

The 'Chawl' Incentive

No one should be surprised at what played out today at the Indian political theater, courtesy Mamatadi. After all it was only to expected of someone like Didi to ensure Bengal, and India (to a certain extent) remain welfare states that keep its citizenry consigned to its 'chawls'.

Its important for Didi to ensure people remain in chawls, and 'dependent' on welfare. For such dependency is what keeps the welfare state in business, and Didi firmly in the political saddle. People who remain on welfare are bound to see the likes of Didi the politician, who hands out the dole as their savior.

Dependency is something marketers desire too. Savvy marketers are those that can get consumers to assume they can't exist without their lifestyle brands. After all, its those brands that guarantee their social identity!

But then there's a difference too.

Marketer dependency is good for the economy, for it promotes fair trade. Someone sells, someone buys. Plus its willful exchan…

The world according to Liberals

My problem with leftist liberals stems from two critical inabilities they harbor. Liberals can't take responsibility, and when required can't pin the blame. If by any chance liberals take to doing the aforementioned two things, I bet they'll mess up big-time. Meaning they'll assume responsibility when not required, and pin blame on the wrong people.

Obese liberals think McDonald's is to blame, not their wolfish appetites. The outcome to such leftist liberal thinking is a ban on large sodas.

Leftists think Iran's a sweet little nation trying to make the best of nuclear power so its own people benefit. How dare Israel make a song and dance about such peaceful stuff? Such thinking explains perfectly why the America Barack Obama envisionsis one which disparages and shuns its allies — Honduras, Poland, the Czech Republic, Egypt of the recent past, and, most prominently, Israel — while establishing ever closer ties with its overt enemies — Russia, Turkey — and win…

If you asked me to

They hate you, stupid!

The problem with Havard Graduate Marc Ambinder's reading of what happened in Libya stems from his zero consideration of what is termed an 'attitude'. An attitude is a learned predisposition to behave in a consistently favorable or unfavorable manner with respect to a given object.

The key term to note here is 'learned predisposition'. Attitudes are what lie within. Attitudes within dictate visible behavior. Unlike what Marc believes, what happened at Benghazi has less to do with an insulting film clip on YouTube, and more with an existing learned predisposition, an attitude. Marc needs to know there are many around the world who hate America. Its an attitude they've harbored for years and guess what, America can be kindest country of planet Earth, but those attitudes won't change a bit.

No. Nada.

For such people, the 'object' in question is 'America'. The 'predisposition' is 'hate'.

Marc, they hate what your country stands f…

Its US, not the Government!

If the Democrats think 'the Government is the only thing we belong to', I ain't surprised. But I sure am worried if better sense doesn't prevail, if America toys with Obama for another four years!

Obama's continuation of his radical agenda will only ensure government becomes even more pervasive in private lives. That in turn would mean the only beacon of hope to liberty, America, dims. I hope better sense prevails. I hope Americans retake what America stands for.

That we don't belong to anyone but God and ourselves. Not Government!

That we did build it. Not Government!

That if products and services exist, its because we made it. That if consumers buy, its because we made the money we spend. Not Government!

That if Government exists, it because we do, and we let it!

It's we who matter!

Not Government!

Target Consumer Segment: Pilgrims

I guess McD can do what KFC can't.

McD can go vegetarian to target vegan pilgrims. In fact, McDonald's plans to target pilgrim travelers with 'vegetarian only' McDonald's outlets in India, in places like Amritsar and Vaishno Devi.


The problem for KFC lies in its chicken association. It won't be easy for KFC to go the veg. way unless it crumb fries what I call grass. Even if it does, who wants to have a meal of crumb fried vegetables?

Kentucky Fried Vegetables, someone? Vegan Pizzas and Tacos?

When Movie making is Marketing

It's only once in a while we experience what comes close to marketing perfection. That once in a while is happening now, and its called '2016: Obama's America'.

Consider its accomplishments. With a near zero marketing budget 2016 has made money five times more that its next in line documentary, 'Bully'. Last weekend, it was playing on 1747 screens across America.

Its official. '2016' is a box office phenomenon!

In marketing terms, '2016' got almost everything right. The Product was perfect! A movie that traced Barack Obama's past and explained why he is who he is, was bound to be a surefire draw. After all, once you pulled the perceptual nonsense of 'Yes We Can' aside, what presented itself was a near unknown. Dinesh D'Souza did well to peel away perceptions and reveal the real Barack. A documentary that positioned itself as a 'revealer' carried with it enough traction to lure in viewers. When it came to communication, 2…