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The 5 Marketing Lessons from Trump's win.

Now that the dust is settling and the data is pretty much in place, its time to ponder over Donald Trump's 'unexpected' win. Note, almost all polls gave him the slimmest of chances at the Presidency. While Trump's win slams the nail into the Pollster's coffin, it also opens up for lessons to be learnt about how the man got it right at the ballot boxes. These insights are ones that marketers and businesses too can learn from.

Here are the 5 MARKETING LESSONSfrom Trump's win.

1. A bigger budget is no guarantee to a winning brand - Sure, Hillary had the BIGGER budget, but did that matter? Did all those Ad spends make a difference? Apparently not. Shouting louder and as many times doesn't mean the listener is buying in. In fact, listeners/consumers don't trust paid media content anymore, especially in an era where non-paid and social media sources garner greater attention, and carry higher credibility.

2. Short focused messages 'trump' broad convol…