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Does it matter who's Minister?

An old hat like Shekhar Gupta thinks the cabinet reshuffle at ministries of Indian government is partly based on performance or the lack of it (of Ministers in charge).

Ha ha ha.

I am not sure why Shekhar or anybody else should associate the term 'performance' with government. Far from performing, all governments around the world operate with costly inefficiencies which explains why citizens suffer. The truth is, governments can't, and don't have to perform!

Ted DeHaven says it right when he says, 'Government efficiency proponents make the mistake of viewing the cost of government in the same light as the cost of operating a private business. However, government cannot operate like a business because it isn’t a business.

Private businesses obtain their revenue through voluntary exchange: consumers willingly give a business their money in return for a product. Businesses must control the cost of providing a product in order to maximize profits. A business that does …

All my Life

Rights of the Conceived

'Have you now lost your right to live? Can you be legally exterminated because of the way you were conceived?

My point here is not — not — that there should be laws against abortion in cases of rape. My point is only that the question of abortion is essentially the question of whether a fetus is human. If an unborn child is a human being, the fact that it resides within its mother is no more relevant than the fact of where you reside. If (and a person of good will can honorably make this argument) there is some point at which a fetus is not yet a human being, then it seems to me you can morally abort it because it’s sick or annoying or female or has failed to have blond hair and blue eyes.

Now anyone with a mind and heart can see that there are vexed moral questions here, filled with grey areas. No feminist blather and no ruling from the pope in Rome can turn those areas to black and white. For a rape victim to bring a baby to term would be, to my mind, an act of moral heroism equiv…

Why Liberals are Socialists

If you turn liberal, that's the closest you'll ever get to being a 'low-life'. Why? 'Cos then you'll believe life at conception has zero value, but serial killers on death row need redemption.

If you are a liberal, you are bound to twist someone like Murdock's comments on rape to seem as if he said, 'rape is willed by god', when what he actually pointed to (albeit in a poor manner) was the 'sacredness' of life. Never mind how that life came into being.

If you are a liberal you're probably a dumbass too, like Billy Ray Cyrus who I was listening to on the Piers Morgan Show. Apparently Billy's voting Obama because there's too much of hate going around, and BO, Billy believes will trumpet in the love! Also, Billy loves the fact that BO's an ardent supporter of gay marriage.


Billy the dumbass has no idea what its like, for example to try and croon love to the Taliban in Afghanistan.  Far from lovin' Billy, the T…

Romney for President, here's why.

As the days go by its becoming clear why America should vote Romney. Mitt comes across comprehensively as 'presidential material' while Barack reinforces what's been proven over and over again, that he's a rank amateur who got lucky!

Part of the 'presidential character' in Romney is about strategic ability. Romney is a strategy guy, both for the country, and for himself. Look at the way he approached the final debate. Whilst Obama took the wrangling route., Romney stayed resolute with his designed strategy.

Look and behave Presidential!

Conservatives including me were surprised at Benghazi not rearing its head. In retrospect, that was as good as a tactic can get. Not attacking Barack in a 'perceptually' crude manner was part of the 'staying presidential' strategy. Remember, this was the final debate. Romney had to come out of it looking like he can be President, He did. Barack exited looking like he was running for class prefect.

Its now amply …

Starbucks in India

The 'third place' is finally here.

Starbucks has opened its first store in Mumbai. Spacious, the store sells coffee and blended beverages at 'moderate premium' prices, a li'l over what the big daddy of 'destination coffee' in India, Cafe Coffee Day charges.

In India, the key test for Starbucks will come once consumers traipse into their stores. Consumers will assess Starbucks on three critical factors, namely, ambience, service, and of course taste. Its imperative that Starbucks scores on all three to have walk-ins hurry back. Meaning, the ambience must register and deliver on sophisticated comfort, the service encountered must have walk-ins feel welcome and at ease, and finally the coffee must taste like no other.

There's one other thing Starbucks must do right. If by any chance they mess up on either service or coffee, they must recover quick enough to have consumers not leave with a grimace. Disappoint one, and the ripple effect will prove costly.


Self Expression

Shut the Talking Heads up

When the grey haired talking heads on TV, dimwits from India's socialist past, point to IAC's latest expose' as just a 'whimper' they betray their susceptibility to what is termed 'conditioning'.

Here's how.

These talking heads lived their prime life through what was a hellish socialist India. All they saw and experienced was government in its inefficient, ineffective glory. During those days, the common man in India was consigned to an 'emasculated existence'. The lords then were the political class, and bureaucrats. Living through such times meant the grey haired talking heads cultivated mindsets that accommodated government largess without even a flicker of an eyelid.

Is it any surprise then the oldies on TV think the latest expose' is no big deal!?

Conditioning is a welcome development for marketers. Conditioning means consumers cultivate habits. That in turn eliminates information processing, which means consumers will go about stickin…

What's with Chanel No.5?

Has Chanel lost it?

Sure, having Brad Pitt look and talk zombie may heat up the PR lines, but will it connect with consumers? I for one am not idiot enough to buy Chanel or any other scent that costs a bomb (plus I smell nice, thank you), and probably the brand shouldn't care a whit 'bout me, but what about Chanel die-hards? 
Will they take to the first male zombie mumbling stuff about their coveted scent that made yours truly wince?
Maybe Chanel No.5 needed the PR. After all, keeping a brand alive and kicking in 'chatter-space' is important. I just wish the it stuck with the lineage it's had until now.
As for Brad, he should wisen up, listen to his mom and vote Romney. Plus quit doing zombie stuff even if it pays buketfull of dollars.

Let it be me

What you need, you must pay for!

Make no mistake. If the Venezuelan elections have been free and fair, and the 55 percent vote share Hugo got is legitimate, we can call a little over half of Venezuelans free-loaders.

Any country that takes on socialism via elections must have freeloaders teeming in plenty. After all, when you vote on a promise of 'universal everything' you must by default not believe in paying for products and services.

Universal anything is the attainment of benefits via thievery. Such thievery happens because the hard-working, wage earning are reduced to a minority. Such a minority with their numbers can't usher in capitalism and competitive markets, and so will pay on behalf of the slothful majority who vote 'universal everything'. Make no mistake, socialism can only be bred in places populated by a slothful majority who expect others to pay for their upkeep and well being.

In a world where competition thrives, and government stays away from thievery,  products and services do…

Biden stays true to Self

I am saying again, I said it.

I said Biden will be the buffoon. And sure, he lived up to who he really is.

A buffoon.

Here's why they vote Obama

Help, I want me out!

Okay, I get. There are couples not willing to have kids so they can concentrate on themselves, and all the work they intend to do for a lifetime. Meaning, they wanna dedicate their lives to themselves.


And here I am trying to dedicate my life to ridding me of myself, so I can find meaning to my existence! 

Do I think I can pull it off? Course not, though I know how its done and probably someday I'll get there. You see, its not me stupid, its who works in me to help me get rid of me!

Confusing stuff!? Don't bother, someday you'll get it. If you don't, I guess it'll still be okay, though a pity.

Anyway, being a father has been liberating for me. It has to a large extent helped me get over me. You see, I don't matter as much, and that's fulfilling! I can't for anything be a liberal, obsessed with myself. Though I admit, getting over that obsession hasn't been easy at all. The 'me' goes to any length to stop all attempts to rid me of 'me'…

Elevator Oddity

Passengers seem to know instinctively how to arrange themselves in an elevator... like the dots on a die. With each additional passenger, the bodies shift, slotting into the open spaces. The goal, of course, is to maintain (but not too conspicuously) maximum distance and to counteract unwanted intimacies - a code familiar (to half the population) from the urinal bank and (to them and all the rest) from the subway. Read more about it here.

Ushering Morality

Harish Salve thinks there should be moral code of conduct that politicians live by, so there aren't the kind of scandals that are tumbling out of cupboards dotting the political scene in India! Harish even thinks crass market behavior is responsible for why our politics has taken on a stink!

Really? Moral codes of conduct can turn the political class into champions of morality?

My recommendation? Make it mandatory that lawyers learn what a free market economy is like! The fact is, the only chance that we have for probity lies in the free market economy.

Note Martin Wolf:A sophisticated market economy works better than any other economic arrangement that has ever existed. After two centuries of unprecedented economic advance, and especially since the collapse of the Soviet Union and China's transition to capitalism, it is hard to argue anything else.

Yet the victory of the market model is detested almost everywhere. Critics grudgingly concede that capitalism may work better than…

The truth and something like it

Mostly I do the 'tell the truth though it may sound rude' thing. At least when I care. Other times I do the marketing thing. I tell people what they wanna hear. Which of course is music to yearning ears.

When things are personal caring's important, so the truth must be told. Business isn't anything personal. So it isn't about the 'truth' but what's music to consumer ears. Now for a moment don't think that means taking to lying. Its more about being selective with the truth. Such selectivity is what consumers desperately seek. Yeah, that and the fact that truth ain't welcome.

Wanna know the truth?

America is a mess! The only way out is to go back to what the founding fathers enshrined in the constitution. Barack for sure won't take America there. Mitt will.

Why am I saying all this?

Didn't I tell you?

I care.

Can't Smile Without You

The 2 Men Circus

Muttering Englishman Piers thinks Biden will knockout Ryan in the VP debates. Well, what other prediction can you expect from the dependency-fostering English?

My prediction?

Biden's a gaffe billowing buffoon who got to be VP. With the incompetent President they make a two-men circus. A circus that's turned America into a socialist mess. Biden, like Obama will be unveiled for who he really is!

And Ryan will walk away with the score!

Incompetent & Lazy

"What people saw last night was a president that revealed his incompetence, how lazy and detached he is, and how he has absolutely no idea how serious the economic problems of the country are, and how he has failed to even begin to address them. And I think even the liberal press reacted with shock at this revelation, and I find it fascinating, now this morning, after they’ve slept, to watch them all scrambling around to clean up the mess the president left on the floor last night. On the other hand, Mitt Romney came in with a lot of specifics, a lot of very sharp knowledge of issues, not only with the Obama-version of bumper-sticker numbers, but the governor showed that he understand policies and he understand how to make policy into law talking about what he did in Massachusetts."

- John Sununu

"Look, people say, Obama was off his game. This is his game. If you take away a prompter, this is his game. He'll occasionally give a great speech, but if you look at him in …

Get over the illusion, reality has hit!

Why are liberals surprised at Barack's lousy showing? It was to be expected. Unlike what the liberal media spins, Barack's far from a great debater. All he can do is theatrically read well from a teleprompter. That's what connected with liberal dimwits last time, which then got him elected. That and the fact that McCain was more than lousy!
But this time around its a different ballgame. Barack's almost bankrupted America with his radical socialist agenda and worse, he's a facing a guy who once worked for a consulting company! Can it get any worse for him!?
I've said this umpteen times before. Perceptions can only get you a first buy. After that reality hits! The real Barack has been laid bare by a consummate professional who is his opponent this time. I agree when it comes to consumption, there'll always be consumers who'll keep buying because they buy into illusions that marketers spin, more so when the outcome to a buy cannot be empirically assessed.…

What did Ray tell you?

I told you Mitt will take Barack to the cleaners!

I told you we will see Barack for who he is! Zero knowledge or understanding of business or the economy!

I was proved right by the first debate!

Now if Obama is this bad, why is he in the White house?

Because third world country immigrants who have no idea what a free market is like, former hippies now liberal dimwits, voted with their eyes closes, and senses suspended!

Will that happen again? Of course!

So will Barack stay in the White house?

Well, that will depend on what the undecideds do. And if the first debate is taken for the bloodbath it was, Barack down, Romney standing tall, Barack's on his way out!

Corrie Sanders

You're a hero, Corrie! 


Dimwit Zombie Country

The videos above stand to testimony to America's descent into dimwit zombie country.

Why is it happening?

Watch Yuri Besmenov explain the phenomenon (video below).

HT: Legalinsurrection; Carol Brown Videos courtesy: Real Freedom 1776

Governments cause Cartels

Sidhesh answers KST's question on cartel formation, and how consumers need to be protected by stating that government intervention is the way to go.

I am afraid Sidhesh has got it completely wrong  The truth is government intervention is what in the first place aids cartel formation. In FREE MARKETS cartels can't exist!

Before I quote from Evan on how free markets dismantle cartels, here's my piece.

The proposition of 'consumer protection' is a front used by government to promote its own agenda, namely crony capitalism. The classic example to this is India. Years of protectionism since independence (locally called the License Raj) ensured the consumer got the worst products and services ever, while the scarce producer raked in the moolah. It was the opening up of Indian markets to competition from 'outside' that 'saved' the Indian consumer.

If consumers need protection (including from cartels), its downright stupid to assume the savior will be gove…

Compulsive Lying

'Today so much power is vested in the Office of President that honor and integrity must be a hallmark of a president's character.  It is not with Barack Obama; he is perhaps the most dishonest and disingenuous occupant of the oval office in history, and has the potential to do more long-term damage to the United States than all his predecessor combined. His failings can no longer be excused by this historical deference or timidity fostered by race with the euphemisms of spin or politics as usual being used to avoid the truth.  It is extraordinarily difficult to run against someone such as Barack Obama -- a stranger to truth and integrity willing to do anything to win -- but Mitt Romney must do so by candidly admitting who he is dealing with. While the future of the country depends on dramatically altering the economic and governing landscape, it cannot do so unless the opposition politicians and average citizens recognize and forcefully challenge the lies and machinations of Bar…