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A&E bows to the bigoted GLAAD, Cracker Barrel heeds customers

Phil Robertson has a god-given right to quote the Bible. A&E has a free-market given right to suspend the Duck Dynasty patriarch, and so does Cracker Barrel. The restaurant chain has a free market right to stop selling Duck Dynasty merchandise with Papa Phil's face prominently displayed. It then has the right to apologize to its patrons and bring the merchandise back in.

When it comes to rights, no one has the right to question the rights of either the Duck Dynasty patriarch, or A&E, or even Cracker Barrel, but that's where the similarity ends. When it comes to Marketing the differences are stark, at least between A&E and Cracker Barrel.  
A&E heeded the bigoted GLAAD, while Cracker Barrel listened to their customers. Marketing ain't about paying heed to bigots, its about keeping your ear close to your consumers. The latter act is why Cracker Barrel got on Twitter and Facebook to apologize (listed below) and tell their consumers they got it wrong with the…

Devyani Khobragade & the stupidity in minimum wage law

The Devyani Khobragade story according american authorities is about upholding the law. I say the law that requires people pay minimum wage is not just dumb, but downright immoral too.

No seller should have a right by law to force a buyer to pay a price that has been set. Meaning sellers have a right to set a price, and buyers in turn have a right to pay or not to, or even pay less if the seller is willing to settle for less. The rights by law must be limited only to the right to sell or buy. Rights mustn't extend beyond to a diktat that determines what prices are set or paid. The act of commerce must take the shape of a voluntary exchange arrived at by the buyer and the seller, where the former accepts what's being sold, and the latter the price being paid.

Minimum wage is a law that tramples on individual rights because it forces people to pay what they may not want to. Though this law pretends to be protecting the rights of workers, what it actually does is put people out…

Matt Drudge is what Marketing's about

VETS TAKE THE CUTS If you want to understand what Marketing is really about, take a leaf out of Matt Drudge's book. The picture and story above is today's headline at the Drudge Report. The way the story has been presented on the site hits home like a tracer bullet. Its crisp and conveys what a thousand words can't.
Drudge gives its readers 'brilliant' headlines that link to the 'right' stories like no one else can. Which is why its audience stays glued, and keeps coming.
Now that's what Marketing is about, giving consumers value like no one else can, and ensuring the value delivery stays consistent so consumers remain loyal.
Way to go, Matt.

Research be damned, multivitamins are here to stay!

Now that research tells us multivitamins neither boost health nor prevent deterioration, will people stop popping pills?

I don't think so.

The pill popping culture may seem to be prompted by a belief of better-health on the surface, but what's hidden underneath is a psychological urge to 'correct' what we see as our lousy (read, vitamin-deficient) eating habits. We've always felt we don't eat right. If we are parents we even feel we aren't feeding our kids proper. What makes up for our lousy eating and feeding habits are vitamin pills. Its out and out 'negative motivation' at play. We are trying prevent the 'bad' from happening to us, and to our kids. We suspect the 'bad' will happen, given the way our eating habits are. Too much junk, too less vitamins. So we build a defense against deterioration. It doesn't matter if research proves our efforts worthless, we will keep at it so in our heads we feel better.

Psychological value i…