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The problem with pointing fingers at 'movie screen misogyny'.

The idea of course is noble and praise worthy. However the focus and methodology is all wrong. I am talking about the video featuring IPS women police officers training their guns on movie content for propagating misogyny and the influence it has on Indian youth.

So here's the problem. There's no doubt Indian movie fare is misogynistic. However to identify celluloid content as the culprit is akin to barking up the wrong tree. To deduce the 'real culprit' behind misogyny, you have to differentiate between normative behavior, social environments, and symbolic environments. Misogyny as part of normative behavior in youth or adults is an outcome of social conditioning via a default social environment. Pray, what drives such environmental influences? The default culture in place. Collectivist cultures that discourage and even bar individual expressions, unfortunately, dish out worse restrictive norms for women. I mean, within such cultures women have it worse (in compariso…

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