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The consequences of ‘Figure & Ground’ reversal in Advertising.

I’ve probably seen this TV Ad a few times. All I can remember from the times I’ve seen this commercial is how nasty the wife was. A part of me is even glad the husband is gone to wherever; far away from the lady! Imagine living with a self-centred spouse!
Okay, so what’s the point?
Policy Bazaar via the Ad wants to impress on me the importance of taking a term insurance plan. Ironically on my part I am thinking, what a horrid lady! Now that’s perception gone all wrong. The reason it’s happened can be traced to the principles of perception formation. Of the three stages of perception formation, namely, stimuli selection, organisation, and interpretation, this one faults at the ‘organisation’ stage. The three elements that make up perceptual organisation are, ‘figure and ground, ‘grouping’ and ‘closure’. What’s happened with this Ad (specifically for me) is a reversal of ‘figure and ground’.
Let me explain. When people select stimuli to respond to, they organise it so as to be able to int…

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