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Egg Factory & the Factory Mindset.

We did our Sunday morning breakfast yesterday at Egg Factory. While we were there I stumbled on what I term the ‘Factory mindset’.
Other than dishes at the Egg Factory, everything else needs a fix. The table we were at was wobbly. We checked the one next to us to find that was wobbly too. The coffee I ordered came first in a puny glass filled to brim and lukewarm. No one checked if I wanted the coffee with my eggs. Plus I forgot to tell. The size of the coffee spoon was almost as big as the rim of the glass. I did the stirring gingerly. The ‘Kejriwal’ egg dish came in a side plate filled to the edges. How do you eat something off a plate if it’s the size of the plate? There was more.
All in all the place seemed like it had woken out of a stupor. No energy, no smiles. Everything looked wilted, and I know why.
It’s called the ‘Factory mindset’. The focus in places with such a mindset is to faithfully churn out the required output. Nothing more, nothing less. At the egg factory the foc…

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