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Can an assessment of our buying habits be a peep into our state of mental well-being?

Institutional contexts present us with our best opportunities for psychological growth. On the flip-side, it’s within institutions that we may suffer the gravest of damage to our emotional health. Institutions embedded with bureaucracies and hierarchies, where power plays are rife are places where we are most susceptible to damage. Again, such places if navigated well, pose enormous opportunities for emotional growth. When I say institutions, I include the whole lot, meaning the family, places of worship where religion is practiced, schools, colleges, business firms where we work, and so on. Of course, some of those are places where we are subject to normative influences and therefore have a greater power over our psychological makeup, like the family for example.
It’s also important to note that as we rise up the hierarchy in these institutions, our ability to either grow or inflict damage on others too is enhanced.
To make an assessment of our emotional well-being, it would help i…

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