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Making Sense & Marketing Sense of Doggy, Human, and Brand Love.

Considering I've been there myself, I get the doggy-love thing. Sure its Oxytocin flooding the brain that gets the love going, but there's more to the love humans share with dogs. Doggy love is 'easy' you see. The creature in question is wired to give you what you need and ask for less in return. Doggy love is probably as unconditional as love can get. For humans there's so much to get from doggy love, and there's no compulsion to give. There's no playing games, there's no having to worry about heartaches. Dogs love despite what humans are! It also helps that dogs don't do the jealousy thing as badly as humans do, and will have their masters' back anytime, every time! In fact, dogs may even love people more than their canine brethren.

Step into human love territory and the scene changes dramatically. When it comes to loving people, there's quite some 'labor' to be put in. Reciprocity to such loving effort can't be guaranteed. Be…

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