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Now that Grandma likes him, here’s what brand Rahul Gandhi must do.

The latest on social media and other media platforms doing the rounds about Rahul Gandhi is a sweet li’l story; that of Grandma wanting to meet Rahul Gandhi on her 107th birthday. This was conveyed to the man himself via his twitter handle. Smartly, the response came real-time. Rahul Gandhi tweeted a personal birthday and Xmas message to Grandma. Plus a hug.
Now that’s a story that could light up a smile (even among citizen fence-sitters). Make no mistake, what brand Rahul has done with such genuine deft touches is upped the ‘likability’ quotient. Does that matter? You bet, it does! However, such likability isn’t enough as brand Rahul must now move into ‘credibility’ territory. The latter is the conversion zone, one that will matter at the ballot boxes. So here’s the social science behind what I am recommending. Social Psychology research has thrown light on the impact of what is termed ‘source attractiveness’ and ‘source credibility’. Remember, all political parties and their respe…

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