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Aruna Roy's 'Minimum Wage' breeds Poverty

I am sick to my stomach having to listen to propaganda spouting socialists parading as economists on TV, night after night. The latest socialist rabble rousing on the idiot box comes in the wake of Aruna Roy quitting the NAC. And pray why has Roy quit? She's unhappy the government's not raising minimum wages under the MGNREGA.

Well, what can I say? She's quitting because someone in the government has got the good sense to not rob the industrious to pay the slothful!

About minimum wage, there isn't a worse tool to keep the poor poor than minimum wages. Note Thomas Sowell on 'minimum wage',

Most studies of minimum wage laws in countries around the world show that fewer people are employed at artificially higher wage rates. Moreover, unemployment falls disproportionately on lower skilled workers, younger and inexperienced workers, and workers from minority groups.

The new Cato Institute study cites data showing job losses in places where living wage laws have been …

When Advertising is Bad Publicity

I must admit the content's smart, but that's about it.

The timing's horribly wrong.

With scam-stories still swirling around, what gets retrieved by long term memory are images of racketeering. Any chance of loss of such images from memory has been arrested by the Congress' TV campaign.

What is smarter is to shut up, lay low, do good, and publicize the latter via mass media, so the current lousy image gets erased.

Imagine another thing. What if there are more scams to come? All this effort would come to nought, and the money spent on the campaign, would be moolah down the drain.


The Virtues of a Free Market

The Irrational Modern Woman, Sexual Anarchy, & 'Rape Culture'.

Consider that every choice, every decision, every plan, and every venture requires picking between goods, a selection of a certain path to the exclusion of all others. The ability to choose greater over lesser goods and higher over lower paths is known as reason -- the mind projecting consciousness forward, attempting to predict outcome and choosing for itself which is superior toward the pursuit of happiness (whether by conscience, Law, urge, or intellect).
Choice cannot be avoided.  Supposing a woman chooses marriage, she forfeits the liberty to choose partners at will; supposing she chooses to work, she forfeits care of her children. In every decision, something is gained, and something else is either lost or lessened.  We choose because we believe that our choice is best, and when we choose wrongly, the spirit of liberty -- to those possessive of it -- accepts responsibility for any unpleasant ramifications. Those who cannot accept responsibility cannot maintain liberty, and those …

The Socialist helps no one but himself

So, what about survival at Rs. 32/day? Well unless you want a malnourished, hungry, underproductive worker class, its time to raise that number for sure! Maybe Steve Jobs was trying to reach out to our planning commission literally when he said “Stay hungry, stay foolish”. Food for thought?

That's the from the Rs100aday Blog.

The greatest tragedy of our country is the lack of academic and research institutions that teach us the merits of free markets, and influence public policy. That is why we are continuously bombarded with the kind of nonsense the Blog above espouses. The guys behind the blog think government should up their payouts to the poor (from 32 to 72 a day). They think that will help mitigate poverty. 

Fat chance. 

All that will do is keep the poor poor, and burn bigger holes in taxpayer pockets. Who benefits when government burns bigger holes? The corrupt socialist-political economy.

I know it'll take while before we get it. That we have no rights, except that to our l…

Why Dumb is good for Marketers

According to a survey by market research company YouGov70 percent British women would follow the preventive double mastectomy path Angelina Jolie's taken, if tests showed they had a high chance of developing breast cancer.

Imagine that.

70 percent British women will do what is necessary to save their lives, now that Angie's doing it. Now why do I think 70 percent British women need to have their heads checked?

As much as the thought of women following Angie depresses me (she's the current 'hero' to liberals because she chose to save HER life; our standards have dropped much, self-saving acts qualify for heroism), it kinda makes me elated too.  You see, this is why marketers are always going to be in business. This is why marketers rule.

All psychological value in marketing solutions is 'constructed' value. It isn't real. But marketing history shows 'psychological value' as outstripping 'functional value'. So for the consumer it isn't the…

Pray & Grow Rich

'THE GOSPEL OF PROSPERITY has been around for decades. It has flourished in good times and — oddly enough — in bad. It was first expounded in the 1950s by Oral Roberts in books like God’s Formula for Success and Prosperity, but it wasn’t until the charismatic Oral Roberts University-educated Osteen took up the cause that the gospel really started to pay off.
Proponents cite chapter and verse to bolster the legitimacy of their message. The Parable of the Talents. Much of Deuteronomy. Opponents likewise evoke the Sermon on the Plain (“Blessed are the poor for yours is the kingdom of God”), St. Paul (“I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties”), and the Book of Job in which the righteous man loses everything. Between these two gospels, the gospel of prosperity and the gospel of the cross, there is a great gulf. Perhaps Beliefnet’s Scot McKnight said it best: “The problem with the prosperity gospel is it focuses on ‘getting our wants.’ The cros…

Shiva Kumar in IIM-C is Capitalism at its best!

N Shiva Kumar's IIM-C admission story is as inspirational as it is an illustration of capitalism at its best.

Beating the odds, the boy's made it completely on his own merit. It isn't government handouts that have helped him. Its his industriousness coupled with his toil that's gotten him to IIM-C.

That's capitalism for you. Work hard and smart, and you will reap your very 'personal' benefits.

N Shivakumar's inspirational story also includes another character, his newspaper customer, Krishna Veda Vyas. The latter paid for Shiva's studies at school. Note, this funding came after Krishna checked on how Shiva was doing at school. Finding the kid to be a topper at his studies, Krishna didn't hesitate.

That's again capitalism for you. The funding Shiva received wasn't a government handout. Truth is, handouts carry no value. They turn recipients into slothful unproductive citizens. Shiva's funding came after the giver, a private citizen,…

Leftist-Socialist Policies breed Poverty!

If Jean Dreze (in the company of Amartya Sen) is the guy focusing on hunger in India, I bet the going will only be downhill. 
Hasn't socialism and government intervention on poverty taken us downhill for the last fifty years? Jean's the current poster guy for the continuation of leftist-socialist nonsense in India, legitimized and legalized by grand sounding bills like the right to food (Food Security Bill)!
For God's sake, let's not go down the path we've been taking all this while. Government intervention and socialism is what causes poverty! Its free enterprises and capitalism that can lift people out of poverty, by enabling them to earn and feed themselves!
Note Milton Friedman (video above) on the reasons for poverty.

Also note, Thomas Sowell on Poverty,

Curing Poverty or Using Poverty?

"China is lifting a million people a month out of poverty."

It is just one statement in an interesting new book titled "The Undercover Economist" by Tim Harfor…

The Incompatibility of Porn & Healthy Sexual Behavior

'Another thing the state needs to do is to encourage the dissemination of pornography. Ideally, it would introduce sex education in schools since the data indicate that reduces pathological sexual behaviour. But this is politically impossible since a broad spectrum of leaders believe formal sex education is incompatible with Indian culture.

Hence, pornography is pretty much the only way for Indian youngsters to learn what goes where. The government not only needs to decriminalise the distribution of porn, it should set up channels to distribute the right kind of porn.

Yes, some pornography is violent. No, banning porn, as a recent petition to the Supreme Court demands, will not work because such a ban would be utterly unenforceable and a waste of resources. What may work (in the absence of sex on the syllabus) is the government selecting, grading and promoting porn that encourages healthy sexual behaviour. Much suitable content is already readily available and free to use. So it wou…

Bureaucracy erodes value, creates none!

While congratulating Haritha, this year's IAS topper, the NDTV news anchor asked the topper why she chose country over a corporate job.
Did I hear right? Country over corporate? You mean, the Indian bureaucracy once called the most dangerous animal by Minister Jairam Ramesh, serves the country while the johnnies who slave it out in the corporate world, choose greed?
Ha ha ha. That's probably the joke of the decade!
Truth is, the Indian bureaucracy is quite the reason why as a country we are in the mess we are. In fact Richard Boucher, deputy secretary-general, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) lists the Indian bureaucracy as one of the biggest troubles India faces today. Bureaucracy, whether in India or elsewhere, is the prime value eroder in an economy! Those johnnies on the other hand, who sweat it out in an insecure (they can get fired at any time, while the bureaucrat is forever ) private marketplace are the real value creators. They take in inp…

What will save lives?

Amartya Sen wants to estimate the number of deaths caused by the delay in passing the Food Security Bill. He thinks this may shame Opposition politicians into ceasing disruption of proceedings in the Lok Sabha. “To capture people’s attention, you have to have a number,” he says. 

Fine, but let’s hope Sen will also estimate deaths caused by faulty policies that historically kept India’s GDP growth slow, and have once again slowed growth today. He loves to emphasise that for any given GDP growth, better social investment will improve outcomes. Why not equally emphasise that, for any given level of social investment, faster growth will also improve outcomes and reduce deaths?...

What about poverty? Delayed reform and slower growth kept an additional 109 million people below the poverty line. This calculation used the old Lakdawala poverty line — the more recent Tendulkar poverty line would yield a far larger number. Insum, delayed reform, resulting in slower economic growth, led to a huge …

Know why its in his kiss?

I've been firm in the belief that marketers err most when they subject consumers to information overload via their communiques. Now I'm having a rethink on that. Sure, overload still is the problem, but the cardinal sin is not being able to engage all of the consumer's senses. Meaning the solutions (read, products) marketers pitch are mostly heard and seen. That's them missing out on three senses. Marketers offer almost nothing that can be tasted, smelt, or felt.


My rethink on the marketer's error has been prompted by this brilliant book titled, 'Customer Sense: How The Five Senses Influence Buying Behavior' by Aradhna Krishna. Note, in reaching consumption decisions, consumers first form perceptions, then learn, and finally cultivate attitudes. Engaging the consumer on all his senses means being a step ahead to competitors in ensuring consumers not just make the brand part of the consideration set, but also give it 'greater' consideration.

Yes Logos!

Being a parent to a six and a two year old means your life won't seem like yours for a long-long time. Now if that has you having a rethink on being a parent, think again. There's nothing (I can bet a million bucks!) that can give you what being a parent can.

Like when I hear Brooklyn, my two year old express herself. Just now a kid from the neighborhood dropped in. Brooklyn wanted the rest of us to know he dropped in late 'cos he was sleeping. She said his name out loud and followed it up with a guttural throaty noise. The latter was meant to convey he was 'sleeping'. Brooklyn doesn't yet know the word 'sleep', but she doesn't allow that to stop her expressing. She uses the guttural sound to convey sleep. I guess she must have picked the sound up from the snores she's heard around the house. :)

Brooklyn's language always brings a smile to our face, the kind nothing else can. :) :)

Truth is, as humans we are wired to express, and we'll …


Society's Death Wish

'What has our society come to when it treats as a war criminal anyone who admits to giving their child an occasional smack, and yet advocates exposing children to pornography?
The answer is that, for several decades now, a small number of determined zealots have wormed their way into influential positions from where they have set about undermining traditional moral precepts and replacing parental authority with their own, in order to brainwash children with the doctrine of ‘anything goes’ and ‘the right to choose’.  The Sex Education Forum, which describes itself as ‘the national authority on sex and relationships education’, is actually a bunch of activists with a ‘lifestyle choice’ agenda who have been busy thus undermining parental authority and traditional moral values for the past quarter of a century. Lo and behold, the organisations supporting the Brecon campaign against smacking include Barnardo’s, the National Children’s Bureau and Relate -- which are also listed as members …

The Social-Self Expression in Barack Obama's 'Laid-Back' Style

Vanity Fair thinks it his 'lean back style'. I know its his insolence coming through. 
Truth is, Barack doesn't deserve to be President of the United States of America. Its another thing he is, and we know why.
Barack's 'style' represents who he is. In this case (the pic.), it isn't a put-on. His exhibition of 'lean back' is actually his telling the rest of the world he can put his feet on the Resolute Desk, and no one can do cr*p about it! Barack's telling us, 'Go fly a kite, I am President, I was elected, and so I can do what I want, and you can't do anything about it!' 
Barack's probably the luckiest guy on earth. He gets to be president when he isn't even fit for a proper job. Remember, he's a community organizer who got to be president because they were too many moochers who decided they wanted their slothful ways preserved!
Now marketers on their part want to tap into people's social-self images. So if someone …