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The Opportunity Polar Bear Ice Cream lost, and how Brick & Mortar can fight back!

Salman Bhai and why there are two loud camps exulting & heartbroken out there.

Right now, the loudest of people out there can be clearly divided into two camps, namely, those that are exulting at Bhai finally getting the slammer, and those that are screaming hoarse there’s no justice in the world. Each of the sides is digging in on their positions, unwilling to see merit anywhere else.
To understand the sides being taken and the positions being held, you have to uncover what’s behind such behavior. Note, when choices are made from options available it’s driven by an underlying attitude harbored. Attitudes on their part get made via learning. In fact, attitudes are defined as learned predispositions towards objects. How people learn varies from one context to another and one person to another. In the consumption context, learning can happen before and after a purchase. Learning can happen via active efforts made, and in passive manners via repeated stimuli exposure.
Okay back to the Bhai story now. Never mind the Blackbucks, those in the camp that want Bhai in t…

How Park Avenue engineered loyalty to the Gillette brand.

I can’t for the life of me remember when and why I, a regular Gillette Shaving Gel user, bought my Park Avenue Shaving Foam. Right now after a few weeks of using the latter I am ruing my decision to switch. Tell you what, once the Park Avenue foam is exhausted, I am getting back to Gillette and staying put.
So here’s the Marketing stuff that can decipher my buying behavior. My regular use of Gillette Gel shouldn’t get you to conclude I am a ‘committed loyal’ buyer of the brand. You should instead read my repeated buying as an outcome of habit (habitual buying behavior) exhibited in a category with which I am lowly involved (an outcome of my low risk association with a purchase decision).
Here’s my theory on the switch I made from my routine buying habit. Park Avenue must have run a promo/price-off which I stumbled on when I searched for ‘Shaving Gel’ with an online retailer (must have been Amazon Now). The lower price/promo must have lured me off Gillette, into the arms of Park Avenu…

The ‘Jerk Differentiator’ and why Jerks are bad for Business & Marketing