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The consequences of ‘Figure & Ground’ reversal in Advertising.

I’ve probably seen this TV Ad a few times. All I can remember from the times I’ve seen this commercial is how nasty the wife was. A part of me is even glad the husband is gone to wherever; far away from the lady! Imagine living with a self-centred spouse!
Okay, so what’s the point?
Policy Bazaar via the Ad wants to impress on me the importance of taking a term insurance plan. Ironically on my part I am thinking, what a horrid lady! Now that’s perception gone all wrong. The reason it’s happened can be traced to the principles of perception formation. Of the three stages of perception formation, namely, stimuli selection, organisation, and interpretation, this one faults at the ‘organisation’ stage. The three elements that make up perceptual organisation are, ‘figure and ground, ‘grouping’ and ‘closure’. What’s happened with this Ad (specifically for me) is a reversal of ‘figure and ground’.
Let me explain. When people select stimuli to respond to, they organise it so as to be able to int…

What plagues service at LG, Shoppers Stop, & at our Milkman’s.

Yeah, ownership. That’s the problem that plagues ShoppersStop, LG, and our Milkman. Here’s how.
It’s been four App based transactions at ShoppersStop that’s been declined with my Digital Wallet being debited. I’ve therefore had to write to the retailer four times to have the transaction reversed. Funny, despite my endless talk with customer care personnel nobody seems to care enough to fix the problem.
A few days ago I find a pack of rodent offspring napping in our washing machine. The mechanic tells me rodent-mommy has eaten her way through the plastic sheet at the bottom of the machine. He tells me I should fasten the bottom with a metal wire sheet. I ask the manager at LG as to why the brand can’t take care of a rodent problem while manufacturing (by having a metal sheet at the bottom)? He tells me all machines are manufactured with plastic sheets (that rodents can have for breakfast, I guess). Funny, he cares two hoots about the ‘rodent misery I’ve been through.
The Milk d…

For a kid and a business, here's a lesson on 'maturity'.

The weekend evening sees me whipping up a snack (its ramen, of course!) for the kids. Soon its served and the kids dig in. Brooklyn raises her hand for water and I oblige. I decide a single glass would be enough for them to share. Jaden reaches for the glass first. I tell him after he's done, he should pass the water on to his sister. He forgets, finishes the snack and gets up to leave. I say, first move the glass of water so your sister can reach it, and then leave. He does.

So here's the lesson from this incident.

The transition from adolescent to adulthood requires a move up into maturity. Pray, what is maturity? Very simply, it is the ability to see beyond yourself. That is, the ability to consider others and not be shallowly obsessed with only what's best for yourself. As a boy Jaden will need to be conditioned to see beyond himself. That's so he matures with age. Of course, the struggle to see beyond oneself is a lifelong one (hey, I know this all too well havi…

Note, it’s a Consumer problem, not a Pepsi problem.

So there are many out there lauding Virat Kohli’s decision to disassociate with Pepsi. While I agree that Kohli is free to do what he wants based on his ‘values’, I wonder what it is that makes people think Pepsi is the problem.
Why is that fingers always point towards brands, and never at buyers/consumers? Is it a convenient way to absolve all personal responsibility? I guess it’s easier for us to say the ‘fork made me fat’ than take a deep look at our gluttonous ways. Pepsi and Virat glugging the frothy liquid on screen is why I am unhealthy, we charge! It ain’t us, it’s them! The brands are the bad guys, we are just innocent gullible victims.
Yeah, right!
In free marketplaces, buyers have every right not to buy anything they believe isn’t in their best interests. Of course, that many a times is an outcome of self-control, which in turn requires that we drop our notions of victim-hood.
Note, that’s how the Pepsi problem gets solved!

The brand that got ‘slice of life’ right.

In recent times, if there’s a brand that’s got it right with its ‘slice of life’ messaging and call to action, it’s ‘God’s Own Country’, Kerala.
To get a ‘slice of life’ portrayal right with a target set of customers, a brand has get the four components that make up the format, namely, ‘encounter’, ‘problem’, ‘interaction’ and ‘solution’ in perfect sequence and as part of a storyline that hits home. Brand Kerala has pulled off to near perfection, all of that with its ‘take a break’ slice-of-life commercial. The hassled mom with her bustling repetitive time-pressed daily routine comes face to face with her daughter after absent-mindedly trying to put the clothes in the refrigerator. The eye-to-eye moment with her daughter gets her to realise and admit she’s totally stressed and probably at the verge of a breakdown.
What is her only solution?
She’s got to take a ‘real’ break. What and where? Of course, God’s own country!

Brilliant, I say!

The Marketing Lesson Emmanuel Macron should learn

Amateur enthusiasm makes for lousy marketing. The former is what Emmanuel Macron should be wary about in the wake of his amateur clarion call to American scientists, entrepreneurs etc.. He wanted the lot from across the Atlantic to come running over to France. now that Trump's America is out of the Paris Accord.

Macron should take lessons in Marketing, especially this one. He needs to know great marketing starts with the buyer. To sell anything including an 'invite', you must first know how buyers buy. Now take a look at France as a business destination proposition. According to the 'Ease of Doing Business Index', France dropped one place from 28 in 2016, to 29. Meaning this year, its gotten slightly more difficult to do business in France. Where is the US currently at? 8. It dropped one place from last year. A drop of one place to 8 for the US has people up in arms. If that be the case, imagine France at 29!

You see, Macron needs to understand that smart scientis…

Why Americans should thank Russians & Potential Buyers should thank Consumers.

For the life of me, I can't understand why American liberals are crying hoarse over Russian interference in their Presidential elections. There's even a Wiki page on the subject, for crying out loud!

Now how is it interference if, when the Americans went to polls, they had complete control over who they voted for?  Last I checked, all the Russians did was leak material that could influence an American's Presidential vote. You call that interference? What would you then call the millions of Ad dollars Hillary spent to influence American voters? Legitimate interference? Then you brand the Russian leaks as illegitimate? Give me a break! If fact, Americans should be thanking the former Commies! The leaks they did gave US. citizens access to 'credible' information about a candidate and the party, in comparison to the syrupy garbage and half-truths they got via campaign advertising. Now, don't tell me you are angry the Russians didn't leak Trump info. Of course,…