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If Sad trumps Happy, prayers are needed

I chance on a post on Alphy's Facebook wall about a li'l boy who's missing since yesterday from a suburb in Bangalore. The person who put the post up asks for the news to be shared so more people know. Right now, I am praying like crazy for the li'l boy. I hope he's found sooner than soon, and reunited with his parents.

Tell you the truth, I can't get this tragic news out of my mind. What's more, in some way I am living the terror this li'l boy's parents are going through. I guess it must be because I am a father to two li'l kids. It possibly is also because when Jaden was younger we lost him for a while at a mall in Bangkok, and I know what I went through. Or maybe it must be the growing up I've done. Read that as growing up to greater sensitivity.

Whatever the reasons, I am convinced of one thing. I don't think I am ever going to be more happy than sad. Ever. Don't get me wrong, It isn't that I'm not grateful for all the b…