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Who the Indian voters rejected and why

I laugh out loud when I hear talking heads saying India's election outcome was about a rejection of 'dynastic politics'.


Strange. Dynasty was a problem, but criminality wasn't? Here's a statistic. Research by the Association for Democratic Reforms shows 186 members of the elected lower house of Parliament (34 percent) are facing criminal charges, compared with 158 members in the dissolved legislature.The association, an advocate for clean government, says 21 percent of members of the new 543-member parliament face serious criminal charges. This means every third MP in the 16th Lok Sabha faces criminal charges.

So much for rejections!

Tell you what, citizens may even vote in a rooster if they think the creature's crowing will make their tomorrows better! Meaning, voters are casting their ballots, as I have said umpteen times before, for a better future for themselves! The logical outcome of such a desired betterment is that voters will identify with tho…

Who did India vote for?

Pretty daft question, right? Wait a minute, scratch the surface and you'll see relevance. Of course, most of India voted for Narendra Modi led BJP, but beneath, most of India voted as I said in my earlier post for the hope of a better future. All those people, including dimwitted talking heads on TV who are falling over themselves to truck on the Narendra Modi bandwagon must know the 'truth', and not just fiddle with what on the surface seems like a tsunami-like phenomenon. People who vote are driven ONLY by their consideration for themselves! Its their lives they are thinking about. Its a better future they are clamoring for  with their votes. Narendra Modi won because he was perceived as the means to that better life!

Its just like the way it is with brands. Dumb brands are those that think people love them. Here's the hard truth! People are only in love with themselves! Smart brands know consumers connect to them 'cos they enable them to get to their goals. McD…

Why Kerala did not vote Narendra Modi

Isn't it interesting that amidst the stupendous capture of Lok Sabha seats pretty much across all of India by the Narendra Modi led BJP, the state of Kerala still did not give the triumphant party a single seat? Isn't it worth asking why the most literate state in India did not buy into Modifesto?

Here's why.

Modifesto was a promise for better times in the future for Indian citizenry, and such a promise connected like crazy with Indian voters reeling under the previous government's misrule. Meaning, almost all of India barring Kerala 'perceptually' bought into a promise of Modi led government making their lives better. The Malayalee on the hand didn't, simply because he ISN'T looking to a better future, especially one promised by government.

The malayalee already enjoys a prosperous present (global reports compare the standard of living of the malayalee to what's enjoyed by citizenry in developed nations). Note, Kerala's prosperity is not due t…

Culture & the reason for the obnoxious rage at Ranjini Haridas

Sandhya's assessment of the Malayalee man's anger at Ranjini Haridas may be spot on, but it misses out one key variable that's at the root of such anger.


Before I get to explaining why a resident culture is to blame for such obnoxious anger-behaviour, let me first address the shaping of the human psyche. To evaluate an underlying psyche that gets exhibited via behaviour one has to make an assessment of harboured attitudes. Attitudes people harbour are a result of learning. Much of social attitudes come via social learning. Such social learning starts within the family and gets extended to what's imbibed via community. Communities in turn draw from culture. In fact such learning at a personal level combined with inherited genes are pretty much why people have personalities, including obnoxious ones.

If you live in Kerala (extend that to India) you are almost all the while taught via culture that women find value only through their 'conformance' to masc…