Can 'Orange Pulpy' turn things around ?

Coke has had quite a few problems operating in India. Its still not been able to eke out decent returns in the Indian market unlike its successes in China.

The Soft Drink market has been marred by controversies such as the 'pesticide' issue, insensitive advertising ( by Coke ) among others. The consuming populace seems to favour Fruit drinks over Carbonated beverages. Infact the market share for carbonated beverages segment is growing at 3-4% annually as against a whopping 30% in the fruit drinks segment. The fruit juice segment is growing at a healthy 18-19%. Coke's arch rival, Pepsi claims a market share of around 27% with its fruit drink, Tropicana.

Its against this backdrop that Coke launches its Minute Maid Pulpy Orange, in pack sizes of 400 ml. priced at Rs. 25 and 1 ltr. priced at Rs. 60. The drink has been positioned as 'juice with real orange pulp'. It remains to be seen as to whether Pulpy Orange will make an impact in its segment. The pricing seems to be competitive considering the fact that most fruit drinks like Tropica, Onjus, Leh Berry and others sell at around Rs. 75 - 85 per litre.

A lot of buying in this category is also propelled by Sales Promotions. As stocks pile up, two packs of Fruit drinks are sold at the price of one. Its a common sight to see these offers on Retail store shelves in India. In such a scenario, Coke's fruit drink offer is in for a tough ride.

May the best 'drink' win !

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