Does Brand Loyalty exist ?

That's a very interesting question, especially in a country like India. The Great Indian Middle class, always on the lookout for a bargain, is ready to switch brands at the slightest notion of 'enhanced value' from a competing brand.
Sure, this is so, if there are no other constraints, such as switching costs, etc,.
A recent research work done by one of my students showed shifting loyalties with a different flavour.
Among Company executives, everytime they took an airline trip and the company in question footed the bill, they preferred a particular or a few Airline brands. When they paid from their own pockets, it was a completely different take. They looked around for the best deal in terms of prices.

This raises an interesting issue. In a developing country like India, where disposable incomes, especially among the middle class though on the rise is not vey high, can brand loyalty exist ?


Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing your experience
Brand loyalty exists, but is also relative and dependant on many other factors. Price being an important one, also stimulated by social factors, and the impulse. If the consumer has a nice experience with a new product, loyalty shifts.

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