India loses, Broadcast media suffers

India's loss to Bangladesh in the Cricket World Cup has come as a blow to broadcast media, especially SONY TV, as most advertisers seem to be shying away from taking spots during the cricket world cup matches.

TOI reports that, ' a 10-second slot, which was sold between Rs 2.5 lakh to Rs 3.5 lakh for matches involving India in the Super 8 stage, may be forced down to Rs 1 lakh if India fail to qualify. This may mean a drop of up to Rs 150 crore in advertising revenue for the broadcaster. The total on-air advertising revenue for the Cup is currently projected at Rs 400 crore. Ad rates for non-India matches too are expected to drop if the Men in Blue crash out at the league stage.'

This is because of the possible elimination of India in the first round itself. If that were to happen, viewership in India will drastically drop. Advertisers then would lose out on their audience and so pulling away is logical.

Everyone, especially broadcast media is praying for a miracle. That India beat Bermuda today by a margin of more than 200 runs and that India beat Sri Lanka too, comprehensively.

Is that going to be tough?


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