Alto still the hot seller

Maurti Udyog Limited has had a whopper of a year. It posted a 5.6 percent increase in domestic car sales for March 2007, selling 64,556 vehicles as compared to 61,141 vehicles in the year-ago period.

For March, Maruti recorded sales figures of 71,772 including exports of 7,216 units. Overall in 2006-07, MUL posted a growth of 21 percent in domestic sales selling around 6.35 lakh vehicles, posting the highest ever annual sales in its history, a company statement said.

Its largest selling car brand has been the Alto. Sales were powered by mainly the Alto which grew by a whopping 41.1 per cent over the previous year. This model recorded sales figures at 2,23,846 units which is higher than the total domestic sales of any other car company in India, Maruti said.


Priya Ranjan said…
This blog about Alto is interesting...
Mind boggling figures n G8 info...
However I think - it's the trio of

>Emerging middle class with strong purchasing power,

>Affordable price & FUEL EFFICIENCY of Alto and

>Parking space - constraint
is jointly driving the sale of the car.
So the situational factor of Indian demographic & booming economy is favouring Maruti to excel in the world's 2nd largest car market.

By- Priyo
Ray Titus said…
Sure, I agree.
the interesting thing to note is that all Car Manufacturers have the same data (demographic), and yet are not able to 'deliver' an automobile like the Alto which is great 'Value for money'
Priya Ranjan said…
Thats sincerely true.
But can we agree that the higher degree of 'trust' what Maruti has built by being the 1st Indian car, delevering '800 model'to the emerging middle class is a stong 'factor' which is not supporting the other manufacturers.
Also, the differentiation strategy keeps the other powerhouse brand like Honda/Ford away from producing a car like Alto.
And nobody knows if Tata beats Alto with its proposed new technology one lac car.
Priya Ranjan said…
U can read my blogs too...

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