Flying, Speeding, Running Billboards

The idea turning Airplanes, Trains and Autorickshaws into billboards is a good idea. In the case of Airplanes its being billed as an added revenue that may help inflows in a sector that is reeling under losses.

Airline company, Skybus unveiled its first "branded plane," an Airbus A319 with a Nationwide logo, along with the insurance company's tag line, "Nationwide Is on Your Side," plastered on the exterior. The marketer plans to take its message inside the plane too, on everything from beverage carts to overhead bins.

As for the 'speeding train', the first branded train in India rolled out as 'Kurkure Express'. Mindshare world India, the ad agency handling PepsiCo's Kurkure brand, has bagged three out of four tenders floated by South Western Railways seeking co-branding opportunities from corporate India.As for Autorikshaws, the first time I came to know of a site named '' was when I saw the URL inked on the back panel of an Autorickshaw in Bangalore. Smart !

Using Airplanes, Trains and Autos is great way of giving a brand greater exposure among consumers.


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