Rupee at all time high !

Just two weeks ago, I made a Euro currency transfer.

The transfer of Euros 2200 cost me Rupees 1,29,206 @ 58.73.

The same transfer today would have cost me Rupees 1,26,256 @ 57.34

That's because the rupee has hit an all time high in eight years. The Rupee has climbed to its highest level in nearly eight years on Wednesday, breaching 43 to a dollar as banks sold the US unit to raise funds to meet statutory reserve requirements. At 10:15 am today, the rupee was at 42.925/935 per dollar, off an early high of 42.84, its strongest since June 1, 1999, when it traded at 42.83, according to Reuters data. The rupee ended at 43.065/075 on Tuesday.

Wish I saw it coming.


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