The brilliant strategist Mayawati

After a span of 15 years, for the first time, a party has won the Uttar Pradesh elections with a simple majority. Mayawati reigns supreme in UP. Her gamble of 'social re engineering' in getting the Dalits and Upper Castes to vote together for her party, Bahujan Samajwadi Party, has been a masterstroke of brilliant tactician.

Mayawati is the first Dalit Woman Chief Minister of a state in India. That she is the daughter of an MTNL supervisor and has risen from one of the lowliest castes in India, the Jatavs (Chamar), is a noteworthy achievement. Mayawati graduated from Kalindi College in Delhi and further studied law at the University of Delhi and worked as a teacher before embarking on a political career under the patronage of Kanshi Ram, the founder of the BSP.
The final tally in UP stands at ,


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