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In spite of a horde of 'unemployable' graduates churned out by technical institutions in India, there is still hope.

In an article in FE, In 2007, only 9 per cent of Indian employers found it difficult to fill positions because of lack of suitable talent as against 41 per cent of employers worldwide. What’s more, as opposed to the global trend, the crunch seems to be easing off in India as just last year 13 per cent of Indian employers reported difficulty in hiring. Remarkably, the 2007 figures are also the least of all country statistics reported by the global recruitment firm Manpower that conducted the study in late January 2007.

The survey covered 37,000 employers across 27 countries, including 4,858 employers in India. Other countries where the talent shortage is not so severe are Ireland (17 per cent), Netherlands (17 per cent) and China (19 per cent). Those looking for a job can also head out to countries like Costa Rica (93 per cent reporting shortages), Mexico (82 per cent), New Zealand (62 per cent), Australia (61 per cent) and Japan (61 per cent) and Singapore (57 per cent) that have stark demand-supply gaps when it comes to human resources. All the above countries reported an increase in difficulty in hiring over 2006. (Costa Rican figures for 2006 are not available). Clearly, the talent crunch situation in these countries is much worse in comparison to India.

Within India, the top ten jobs that employees find difficult to fill — in order of ranking — are engineers, IT staff, technicians, sales representatives, teachers, marketing staff, management/executives, skilled manual trades, accounting and finance staff and receptionists and front office staff.
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