Radio listenership Measurement system in India

Radio Audience research is not easy as different Radio stations have different versions about their listeners. But in a study conducted in June 2003 by Development and Research Studies (DRS), a Delhi-based research outfit, it was discovered that listeners could not distinguish between stations. The study inferred that in 74 per cent of the cases, the listeners associated their favourite programmes with the wrong FM station. To minimise risk, most advertisers spread their FM radio communiques across stations in India.

Now tracking listenership is going to get better. This will then help Advertisers plan their FM monies better. Agencyfaqs reports that TAM Media Research has officially rolled out its radio listenership track, and has named it RAM (Radio Audience Measurement). This service will be jointly provided by Nielsen Media Research and IMRB International. RAM will operate as an independent division of TAM Media Research.

RAM will make use of the ‘Radio Diary’ method of listenership tracking, which happens to be a popular tool around the world. This tool will help capture all levels of listenership for a seven-day period. RAM will begin with covering Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore; it will span across 10 cities by the end of 2008.

Till date, the only radio listenership measurement present in India is the Indian Listenership Track (ILT) provided by MRUC (partnering with AC Nielsen-ORG Marg). ILT makes use of the ‘Day After Recall’ method.

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