The 'money' in 'Sivaji'

Rajnikanth is the highest paid actor in India today. In fact it is said that he is the 2nd highest paid movie star in Asia after Jackie Chan. Rajnikanth is paid more than the Khans or even the Big B. With each new film Rajnikanth breaks his own record as India's highest paid actor. He is getting Rs 16 crore for his film, 'Sivaji'. That is about Rs 6 crore more than what he got for his last film Chandramukhi.

Now how will 'Sivaji' the movie make money? reports that the Tamil Nadu rights for the movie has been acquired for Rs. 3.10 crores. Nizam has been acquired for Rs. 6.5 crores, entire Andhra Pradesh for Rs. 16 crores and even the Karnataka territory rights where there is a ban on films other than Kannada films has been notched up for an unbelievable price of Rs. 2.50 crores. The film will be released with around 400 prints in the South sector alone.

In addition to that, the movie is all set for release on June 15 in over 2,500 theatres across the world. It will be released simultaneously in countries like Japan, Thailand, Singapore, USA and Australia.


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