'Sivaji' rules ! Cash registers ringing !

If the first day is anything to go by, Sivaji is the next super-duper blockbuster. The Cash registers are ringing!

CNN-IBN reports that, in Chennai, tickets for all shows for the first 10 days were sold out in just two hours in over in all the 15 screens where the film has been released. Now, there are no tickets available until June-end. Those ready to pay a premium on the ticket are buying them for as high as Rs 1,900 or more per ticket.

In Bangalore, the Telugu version of the movie was released in 13 screens, including three multiplexes. And guess what: it's the techies who went for the bulk of ticket bookings for the first few shows of the movie. And nobody seems to be minding the premium they were paying for the tickets. An IT firm booked one entire theatre for Friday's second show at Innovative Multiplex, Bangalore, paying as high as Rs 903 per ticket. The total amount paid for 75 gold class tickets is shown to be Rs 67,751. The firm also booked 240 silver class tickets. In fact, the theatre saw a beeline of corporate guys and single-friends networks on the first day of the movie. In Chennai's popular six-screen multiplex Mayajal too, all the 27 shows of Sivaji everyday for the first week-end were booked in bulk by employee-groups of Cognizant, Virtusa and ICICI among others.

Similar rush was reported even in Australia and New Zealand, to Malaysia and Singapore, and then on to Europe and further west to the US and Canada. In Malaysia and Singapore, long queues were witnessed as eager fans rushed early in the morning to book tickets. In Australia and New Zealand, tickets for Sivaji have been priced double of the normal charge for a Tamil movie. In the US, too, where a fair number of techies are gearing up to celebrate their superstar’s new release with special premiers in Detroit and Imax shows in Indianapolis, the ticket prices for Sivaji reportedly zoomed to $25.


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