'Teach In Kannada'

CNN IBN reports : In a benchmark verdict, Karnataka High court gave order in favour of state government on the issue of replacing English by the Kannada language as the medium of instruction in schools.

It now means that the schools in Karnataka will have to teach in Kannada. The High Court says it did not find any merit in the private schools argument. It has asked private schools to file an affidavit within 7 days saying they will teach in Kannada and discontinue using English as the medium of instruction.

However, if Kannada medium education is made mandatory, the schools will be forced to shut doors as most of the parents have got their wards admitted in these schools for English medium education. This will create new problems for the government as accommodating these students in English medium schools will become difficult as only 8 schools in the city have got permission from the government for offering English medium education prior to 1994, he remarked.
Parents of 5,000 children who are pursuing their studies in schools violating language norms in the city were in favour of English medium education.

Pic : dot-edu.edc.org


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