Bathroom Singer

Joe Sugarman, in his brilliant work, Triggers, says that if he had to pick one major psychological factor that makes direct marketing successful, it would have to be curiosity.

This trigger, 'curiosity', would be sole reason why people would tune into the reality show on Filmy, titled, 'Bathroom Singer'. 'Bathroom Singer' is a new singing contest on the Filmy entertainment channel that will zero in on an untrained performer who's good at singing in the shower and can enthral viewers. Contestants, who have to be 18 years and above, will exercise their vocal cords in a studio set that replicates a bathroom with tiled walls, showers and taps, but will not appear undressed.

But what remains to be seen is whether this 'curiosity' on the part of the viewer is sustained over the length of the program. For that the show would need to innovate to keep the viewer engrossed. The show organisers intend to provide themes, situations and costumes as it progresses.


Niyati Priyam said…
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Niyati Priyam said…
I remember in the year 2000, We had a reality show on DD channel. It comprised of three rounds, namely, singing, dancing and acting. All the participants in each round were different, that is, you can compete in only one field. Ken ghosh preceded the whole idea and came out with the movie "Ishq Vishq pyaar vyaar" . the show was refreshing and had a lot of variety which I loved. somehow, the best from all the fields were brought to one platform. I wonder why aint people using this concept. another thing is, that this show was showed during the nine gold, i.e., during the golden hour slot of DD. After some time, for some reason, these golden hours were removed. (i think the reason was some difference of opinion b\w the higher authorities.

And coming to the batroom singer concept by filmy, I think, they are being pretty innovative and risky at the same time. The program will be welcomed in the begining especially by the youth but to sustain the show will be one big challenge. and talking about filmy, It has always been a pretty "hatke" channel....I will never forget "chalaa lallan hero bane" on filmy....all the best to the channel..(I hope they give some competition to ZEE cinema...)
Ray Titus said…
Niyati...dunno much about the Hindi channels around...I guess maybe its time for me to start tuning into some of 'em..

Interesting point you raised about why successful formats in the past have not been used...maybe they won't work ?...or is it that 'nostalgia' is something we rather leave untouched?

Reminds me of the 'Rok Sako to rok lo' disaster, created on the lines of 'Joh Jeeta Wohi Sikander' which was a 'hit' .... the 'nostalgia' still remains...

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