Indian Railways

Travelling by train in India has undergone a sea change. Gone are the days when a commuter had to undergo the hassles of standing in queues to book a ticket, encounter dirty compartments during travel, be faced with a sparse choice of trains to choose from... and so on.

My travel to Kerala and back couldn't have been smoother. I booked online for my to and fro travel. Arranged for a Call Taxi to go to the station. On my return back, took a prepaid auto, home. I encountered very polite Ticket Inspectors, was given clean sheets, pillow and towel during the journey, was allowed a change of seats for greater comfort...ARRIVED EXACTLY ON TIME!

Wow ! This may seem normal to someone in the West. But in India, this is quite something. Maybe my case is the odd one out. But I doubt it. Sure, some hassles still remain. And then we have the likes of the Railway Minister's bro-in-law throwing his weight around.

Yet, in spite of all that, the Indian Railways have come a long way.
Cheers to that.

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