Irrational or Stupid ?

Consumers are as irrational as they are rational when they take decisions regarding purchase of products or services. Rationality implies that consumers select goals based on totally objective criteria whereas Emotional motives imply that selection of goals by consumers is based on personal or subjective criteria.

What may appear as an irrational assessment to an outside observer may be perfectly rational in the context of a consumer's own psychological field.

Now, are people downright idiotic at times? Sure!

Consider this case of a godman who stands on little children to bless them. Imagine the psychological state of parents who bring their children to be subject to such a practice. The motivation behind this, on the part of the parents is, that their children are cured of some ailment and are blessed enough to be guaranteed a prosperous future.

There is at times a fine line between faith and stupidity. In this case the line's been crossed.

Watch the video on this godman here. Thankfully he's been arrested.


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