20 reasons to bypass the brats...

From Times online : Corinne Maier, in the book, 'No Kid: 40 Reasons Not to Have Children'.

20 of them -
  • Childbirth is torture

  • You will become a mobile feeding bottle

  • You will struggle to continue having fun yourself

  • You will lose touch with your friends

  • You will have to learn a language of idiots to communicate with your children

  • Your children will kill your desire

  • Children sound the death knell of the couple

  • Having children is conformist

  • Children are expensive

  • You will be duped into thinking that there is such a thing as a perfect child

  • You will inevitably be disappointed by your own child

  • You will be expected to be a mother before you are a professional and a woman

  • Families are a nightmare

  • Children will put the seal on your childhood dreams

  • You can’t stop yourself wanting complete happiness for your progeny

  • Staying at home to look after children is breathtakingly dull

  • You have to choose between motherhood and professional success

  • When a child appears, the father disappears

  • There are already too many children on the planet
  • Children are dangerous. They will take you to court without a second thought

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