Organised Retail manpower requirements

ET reports : Organised retailing in India, which is set to grow to a $24 billion industry by 2010, will require 500,000 trained manpower to run hypermarkets, super stores and wholesale cash and carry facilities in major Indian cities, a national think-tank has said.

Proliferation of retail will require at least half a million trained people in the next three years, while supply chain management will become a strategic issue in the industry that will witness cut throat competition. The bulk of the workforce to be employed at the front-end and back-end operations of the retail stores would be picked up from economically lower strata of society.

According to a recent CRISIL study, the Indian organised retail industry is set to treble to 24 billion dollars in the next three years. While the government has not allowed foreign direct investment in retail, major domestic industrial houses like Reliance Industries, Future Group and the Rahejas are expanding their retail network. Besides, the Bharti Group has signed a joint venture with the Wal-Mart of the US for cash and carry (wholesale) business in retail.


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