Popular Anonymity

If its popularity you seek, its better to be anonymous than to be known. The less people know of you, the more they want to know. Once they know, they are bored. 'Cos you turn out to be just another man, as vulnerable and frail as the next.

Reminds me of a Louis L'amour novel, where the cowboy is asked why he leaves the woman after a whirlwind romance and rides into the sunset. His answer, If I spend my life with her, she would know me as just another cowboy, who puts on his trouser legs one at a time, who wakes up looking like a rag.....But if I ride away, she would always remember me as the dashing cowboy who got her heart to skip and dance...

At last, someone has cracked one of the technology world's biggest mysteries — the identity of Fake Steve, a sharp-tongued blogger who had tech aficionados in stitches with a satiric diary purporting to be from Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Brad Stone of the Times outed Dan Lyons, a technology editor at Forbes, as the author of "The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs," a daily account of events in the tech industry as seen through a caricature of Jobs. The blog can be found at http://fakesteve.blogspot.com/

Dan Lyons' blog post when he was busted? 'Damn, I am so busted, yo,'

Another famous blogger who wrote with the name 'Abby Lee' was Zoe Margolis. Under her pseudonym, Abby Lee, she started an adult blog at the beginning of 2004, which is witty, moreish and incredibly explicit.

The blog tootled along for about six months, and then suddenly went crazy. People were Googling for it at a rate that was measurable by the minute. Her blog has had more than 2 million visitors, gets 100,000 readers a month, won Best British or Irish Blog at the 2006 Bloggies, and was published as a book (for which she got "six figures"). The book is already in the bestseller lists.

Sure, pays to be anonymous!

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