Self-Destructive Habits in India

From Jagdish Sheth's Blog :

Self Destructive habits of good companies -
  1. Denial
  2. Arrogance
  3. Complacency
  4. Competency Dependence
  5. Competitive Myopia
  6. Volume Obsession
  7. The Territorial Impulse

'Is India as a nation likely to acquire some of the bad habits?
Is India's IT sector already showing signs of bad habits such as arrogance and complacency?
What should the leadership in Indian organizations do to avoid or break these habits?

In answer to the first two questions, yes, any large organization is at risk to fall into the pattern of bad habits. As I highlight in my book, these habits follow naturally from early successes.

As for the last question about what leaders can do, I would emphasize two important strategies:

  • Leadership should constantly remind themselves and others to remain humble.
  • Early successes cannot be taken for granted because of emerging competition from Eastern Europe, Vietnam and Latin America.


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