Two swallows don't a summer make

Was Intel being racist with its recent controversial ad? I doubt it. Note the question. It asked if Intel was racist. If the question had been, ‘Was the Intel Ad racist’? The answer is ‘Yes’.

Why then did Intel risk its reputation with an Ad that could be construed not just as a racist ad but also risk Intel being branded racist. The answer is the same as the one to questions; Why did Ronen Sen make the ‘headless chicken comments?; Why did Mel Gibson rant against the Jews under the influence of alcohol?…

Momentary lapses into stupidity is not just the hallmark of human beings but also of organizations. After all, organizations are people. If people tend to be stupid at times, the same is applicable to organizations.

Intel has invited on itself, scorn, due to actions of people who habit its Marketing Communication department, who got it horribly wrong while collaborating with their Ad agency.

Note, there may be people at Intel who are racist just as there would be such people in any organization, state or a country. But that doesn’t make Intel racist.

Note the difference.


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