War and Brands

As long as consumers aspire, brands will live n thrive, and marketers can breathe easy.

Now is that forever? Dunno. Sure, the 'filthy rich gurus' can extol the virtues of renunciation, of throttling the vice grip that desires have on our lives. But then, can desires and aspirations ever be culled? In fact the desire not to have desires is desire itself. Isn't it?

Truth be told, the desire of brands thrive even during the most chaotic times. Take the Iraqis for instance, many Iraqis today have developed a taste for American-brand products, which were banned under Saddam Hussein and these brands are becoming increasingly popular. Rice, salt and canned goods are among the most popular American products at the Al-Ameer market as American items have a great reputation and quality. Iraqis want them in the markets because they are bored with Syrian, Jordanian and Iranian items.

Iraqis feel comfortable buying products from well-known companies because they trust that the items are high-quality and safe. At the upscale Honey Market, shelves are stocked with Duracell batteries, Dove soap, Kellogg's Froot Loops cereal, and Kent and Marlboro cigarettes. Gatorade is particularly popular when temperatures break 120 degrees in the summer, though American goods account for only 2% of sales.

Well. what can I say...brands rule!


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