Food n' Wine from Down Under

Indians have always admired the way the Aussies play their cricket with guts. The admiration for cricket is now extending to Aussie food and wine. ET reports that, from cookies to red wine, the rising economies of India and China are feasting on Australian fine food and wine. Food and beverages exports to India rose from A$115 million in 1997-98 to A$201 million in 2006-07.

As far as wines go, South Australia's Bleasdale Wines has reportedly predicted that India will one day be its largest wine market. Australian companies like Gloria Jeans and Cookie Man are doing well in Indian retail markets through franchising arrangements. Australian exports to India increased 37 percent in 2006-07 as against 22 percent in 2005-06. In the past five years, Australian exports have increased at an average annual rate of 41 percent. Australian merchandise exports to India are worth AU$10.1 billion.


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